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What are the long-term effects of living in a technological world?


What are the long-term effects of living in a technological world?

Technology is already changing people’s lives because before its invention, and life was not this fast. People take days to do particular tasks like in the old days when there were no airless sprayers used to paint their walls with brushes. And this would take a day or two to complete the painting of a single wall. But now it can be done in an hour two with the help of a paint sprayer. And the same goes for other forms of technology.

The new inventions bring changes, and some are although very favorable, but some are not. Technology has brought us so far as if someone starts thinking about their life without all the devices, they would go mad. Because we all are dependent upon them, and our work is not possible without them. From cleaning to office work, we have a gadget in our hands that helps you carry out all the activities.

We have started enjoying life more than before. We have a facility of internet, smartphones, and websites like anime websites and Netflix and are enjoying their perk to the fullest.

Technology is no doubt a need of time, and without it, survival is nearly impossible, but if we focus on its long-term effects, different thoughts come to our mind. Some of them are optimistic, and some are pessimistic. And all together they are going to revolutionize our ways of living.

Some of the positive long-term effects of living in a technological world are


What is making our life best in this technological world are our achievements. If we keep going with this speed of inventions, then there is no way of going back. The old technologies will help us make new ones, and they will be faster than the previous ones. New gadgets will replace the old ones along with their speed and working capacity. And this how we will pave our way to evolution.

Fast communication system:

If we stay in this technological world for longer, our communication system will get stronger and faster. Although it has already been so fast and now people do not wait for letters and faxes. They get everything on a call, and this fast communication system is a key factor behind the advancement we are having right now. And if this communication system will keep on growing and evolving, it would not be wrong to say that we can make a direct call with people living on the moon.

Helped disabled people:

One of the biggest advantages of technology we have seen so far is that it has changed the lives of disabled people. It has made their life easier and comfortable. Now they have devices from which they can carry out daily living activities, and they do not feel dependent upon others. They are living the life of an individual, which was not possible long ago. People who cannot walk or eat on their own have chairs and other helping things to move their life in a normal way.

Technology has helped increase life quality by identifying life-threatening diseases at an earlier stage and making people live a little longer. New methods of disease identification and treatments are introduced to increase the eminence of life.

Negative effects of technology:

Technology and its dependence sometimes bring scary thoughts like everything crumbles down what we will do without them. Some of the negative effects of technology are


Technology is making us lazy, and so is its dependence. We are into it so much that now we do not want to switch off our room’s light. We wish to do it while lying on our bed, and we are doing it. We are busy with our phones and other gadgets that we rarely go out for a walk in the morning. We are getting ignorant of our health and life style. And this is why we are getting prone to diseases like heart diseases because of a lack of physical activity. We have involved ourselves so much that we barely notice the changes our body is going through.


One of the biggest disadvantages of technology and surrounding yourself it is the increase in mental health issues. Because of the excess use of technology, people are isolating themselves from each other. They spend their time on social media, but they do not go out and socialize. This increasing loneliness in people, and more cases of depression are coming out with every passing day. People ignore other people who are just sitting next to them and will be playing the game on their phones. Technology is isolating people from people, and in the longer run, it will damage the whole world. More people will go into depression and will die because of it.


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