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Ways To Utilize Smart TVs Throughout Your Hotel


Having up-to-date appliances and technological amenities is crucial for a modern hotel. Smart TVs are part of these appliances that every hotel needs. You can use smart TVs in several ways throughout your hotel to provide guests with information and entertainment. Keep reading to learn where you can utilize smart TVs in your hospitality business.

Upgrade Your Guest Rooms

One of the best ways to add smart TVs to your hospitality business is to update your guest rooms. If your current hotel rooms feel outdated, it could be due to old television models and outdated technology. Smart TVs can instantly make your rooms feel more modern, as they offer many of the latest amenities, such as streaming, web browsing, and wireless connectivity.

Modernization is just one reason to upgrade the TVs in your hotel rooms. These devices have many benefits, including marketing your services. If it’s been several years since your last television upgrades, consider adding smart TVs to your hotel rooms.

Use Smart TVs in Your Hotel Lobby

Your guest rooms aren’t the only places in your hotel where you can utilize smart TVs. Your hotel lobby is also a prime location for installing these devices. You can use smart TVs in your lobby to advertise services around your hotel, display answers to frequently asked questions, or broadcast TV shows or movies to entertain your customers. The lobby is where guests often pass time waiting for ridesharing services, friends, and coworkers, so playing TV shows or movies can keep them entertained while they wait.

Include Smart TVs in Common Areas

Does your hotel have any communal areas that guests can share besides the lobby? For example, if your hotel has a breakfast or lunch buffet room, a guest-accessible kitchen, and seating areas, consider installing smart TVs. This would allow your guests to watch TV and stay entertained while eating at your buffet or using various hospitality services.

If you want to invest in smart TVs for your hospitality business, remember these ways to utilize them throughout your hotel. Use smart hospitality TVs to keep your guests entertained and informed and raise interest in your hotel’s products and services.


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