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Use of Technology to Say Goodbye to the Sleep Deprivation


We blame technology and gadgets for sleep deprivation for very good reasons. They keep us awake for hours to prevent us from going to sleep early. It is always a good idea to make the bedroom a technology-free zone.

Or, you can use the technology to get a good night sleep to remain active throughout the next day. An average adult should get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep in a day for their overall wellbeing. You need to invest the money in the right tools and set up a work-life balance to prevent sleep deprivation.

How does Technology Cause Sleep Deprivation?

Earlier, people used to have some books on their nightstand to help them fall asleep within a few minutes. Smartphones, TVs, and tablets replaced the books to make people remain in bed for hours without sleep. The blue lights from the digital screen put immense stress on your eyes to keep them awake.

Moreover, you will find the content engaging enough to stay awake for a very long time. You can complete a book within a few hours but a TV show can have thousands of hours of runtime. Therefore, it is time to get rid of these technologies from your bedroom and invest in something that supports quality sleep with loans for unemployed with bad credit and no guarantor.

1. Fading Lights

Lights set the ambience in a room to either support sleep or make you deprived of it. It may take more than the simple turn on and off to make yourself fall asleep. Instead, a fading effect can do wonders to slowly shut your eyes along with the brightness inside the room.

There are numerous fading lights available in the market with smart technology. You can control them through a device to manually set the preferences. Also, you don’t need separate lights with different luminosity to find the perfect brightness for each activity.

2. Meditation Tool

We spend hours looking at the ceiling with the stressful thoughts in our minds from personal or professional life. It is a common reason for people to stay awake for long hours in bed to cause insomnia. You can counter it with meditation before you go to bed.

Modern gadgets provide a great experience for people to meditate while laying on their bed. These devices come with different settings to provide the best possible guided meditation experience from a machine. You can manage the cost with a simple search on the internet if you are on benefits and need a loan today from a direct lender.

3. Story Player

Kids may want someone by their bedside to sleep. Their fear for the monster below the bed or inside the cabinet may take some years to eliminate. Or, they just want someone to tell an interesting story until they fall asleep.

You should not allow personal gadgets such as smartphones or tablets inside the bedroom of children. They can spend the entire night playing video games only to encounter serious health problems. Instead, give them a dedicated story player with smart features such as remote access and parental control to control the device.

4. Temperature Controlling Banket

The temperature change will make us change the blankets and thermostat temperature to find the most comfortable setup. But it only takes a few minutes to understand the temperature inside the blanket is too hot to sleep. And the next thing is the struggle to take one foot outside to feel a bit comfortable.

The approach is older than the launch of these temperature control systems for households. However, the technology offers a better alternative with blankets that control temperature. These blankets are available in various sizes to suit your requirement.

5. Headphones

Your favourite music can act as a sedative to get rid of the stress and fall asleep after a few minutes. It is an effective method millions around the globe use to divert the focus from stressful issues. You should invest in quality headphones with noise cancellation features to get rid of the outside sound.

Remember, comfort should remain your priority while selecting the headphones. If possible, visit a local store to try the earphones and then use the internet for price comparison. Also, sturdiness is important since they may not survive the movement during sleep.

6. Smart Bassinet

Baby and full night sleep is not a companion for parents as they often find reasons to wake you up. You are willing to spend money on anything that gives an additional hour of sleep during the night. And the morning will come with their dirty diapers and thrown up clothes.

Thus, it makes sense to invest in a smart bassinet with features to take care of your babies. These devices will play music while the baby falls asleep and move the bassinet if they cry. It is a very popular product among parents to significantly increase convenience.

7. Bluetooth Pillow

The headphones may provide the best sound but not the best comfort while trying to fall asleep. You will face trouble while changing the positions throughout the night. Here, the Bluetooth pillows provide the required comfort to the users without much trouble.

These pillows come with a battery capacity of 8 hours to make sure they don’t die out in the middle of the night. You can play your favourite music to create a soothing environment. Or, play an audiobook to complete the books on your wish list while trying to fall asleep.

8. Smart Watches

Smartwatches also record your sleep pattern and hours to give a deep insight into your health. You can use them to find the amount of time spent on the different stages of sleep. Moreover, these devices also provide sleep programs and relaxation tools to help you sleep early amid the constant distracting thoughts.


To sum up, technology is a good investment to improve sleep quality and time. The real problem is the excessive use of the wrong gadgets right before you try to fall asleep. The above list of items will help you increase comfort and get rid of the distracting thoughts to recharge yourself for the next day.


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