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Ultimate Tips:  99% Login Issues of ASUS Router Will End Here


Asus RT line of routers are among the best quality, high speed routers. But sometimes your high-performance Asus router may fail to connect to internet issues as well. Sometimes people also face issues like ‘I can’t connect to my router’s admin interface’ or ‘Why won’t my Asus router connect to the Internet?’ and so on.

You start doubting on itself whether you are accessing the right webpage or not. Am I entering the wrong login password? How can I get the default password for the asus router?

It mostly happens due to understated reasons that may hinder your ASUS wifi’s internet access.

These reasons are:

  • Internet Service issue
  • Damaged Cables
  • Overheating
  • IP conflict problems
  • Outdated Firmware

So, if you are wondering ‘How do I fix my ASUS WIFI router?’ then you need to try the following simple solutions.

Here is How to Fix ASUS WIFI router failed internetissue

1. Reboot

First, we need to make sure what is causing the failed internet connection problem as it might be a technical issue. The issue can be due to a bad signal from your Internet service provider. Therefore, the first step you should try is to reboot your Asus router.

Here are the steps to reboot your router:

  1. Turn off the power button on your Asus router
  2. Unplug the router and let it stay off for minimum 2 to 3 minutes
  • Turn the power back on and try accessing the internet

If it’s just a small technical issue then a simple reboot may resolve it. But if you try reconnecting but it still says ‘failed to access the internet’ then you might have to call your Internet service vendor.

You should try rebooting your Asus router 2-3 times before calling your Internet service provider regarding the issue.

2. Replace loose/damaged cables

If the problem is not due to bad signal then it may be due to faulty or damaged cables. Try unplugging the cables from your Asus router and check for any loss or damaged cables. If you notice any faulty cords you should replace them immediately.

3. Overheating issue

As the weather changes there may be problems with wiring due to overheating of the Asus router. Overheating may damage the router firmware as well. So, if you notice your router getting very hot just unplug it and let it cool down.

If any of the wires have been affected then you should replace them right away. Also try to relocate the router somewhere else where it won’t overheat due to the environment.

4. Resolve IP conflict issue

if  ip for the asus routerand modem are the samethenthere might be an IP conflict between the two. So first use the ipconfig command in your command prompt to get your IP address and check if it matches the modem IP address.

In such cases, the best option is to replace the IP address to resolve the issue.

You can resolve the IP conflict by following these steps:

  1. Open a browser on your computer or laptop
  2. Go to URL bar and write the default router IP address and press enter
  • You should see a prompt asking for Username and password
  1. Enter your Username and password, then press login
  2. You will see admin panel, Now choose LAN from the menu
  3. Replace the IP configuration address with and subnet mask with and click apply.

The IP conflict issue should get resolved now. You can now try reconnecting to the internet and check if the ‘no internet’ issue persists.

5. Firmware update

Your Asus router would usually receive updates automatically but in case it failed to install new updates that might cause internet problems. So, if that’s the case you need to Login to your router firmware by using or the default IP address and check for firmware updates. If an update is available, click install.

6. Hard Reset your router

If you have tried all the above methods but failed to resolve the issue, then there is only one option left. You need to Hard reset your Asus router. You can do that by long pressing the Reset button on your Asus router. Hard Reset will change all your settings to factory settings.

7. Last but not the Least, Reset your Router:

If the above listed solutions do not work your router and still you are getting trouble to enter into the admin page of ASUS ROUTER, then you have to perform a reset function. This will remove all the latest and external settings from the router except the default login and password.

Now try to login again with your default asus router RT-AC3100 password on

  • admin: admin
  • password: admin

If the issue persists, you should visit the professional for default login for asus router assistance to save you from all the trouble.

Author’s Bio:

Hi i am sandy, working as system architect at Asus Routers. Router asus is online service provider for Wi-Fi routers, satellite placement,  and updating fireware for internet services etc. You can get the solutions of internet issues through Asus Wi-Fi routers LED and fireware manually.

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