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Try 12 Things After Graduating in the US


Not everyone wants to push themselves into 1 9-to-5 job just after graduating. The thought of earning is quite fascinating but taking a pause after graduation can be quite beneficial for you. Sometimes degrees are not enough to get a dream job. A specific set of skills and experiences are also required to land your dream jobs. You may want to spend the time just grooming yourself, try out things to analyze job roles that suit best for you, or do something you are passionate about.

It is okay to not rush yourself if you are not ready to face the real world. Graduation indeed was not easy to tackle, so nobody will blame you if you take a small break for yourself. No matter what, you may choose to make sure you do some quality experiences so that you can enlist them on your resume. It will make your job search much easier.

So let’s investigate 12 things you can try doing after completing your graduation in the US:

1. Find an internship

Find an internship
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Internships are a great way to analyze or understand what really goes on in the field you are working on. It will prepare you for your future jobs. There is a good chance for you to acquire an internship if you are a recent graduate. It is up to you whether you want to do part-time internships or full-time internships. It will add value to your resume and you will also gain a lot of experiences from your seniors. It is an excellent way to make connections with potential employers. If they like your work as an intern, they may also hire you later.

2. Invest in your passion

Do you have a passion for dancing or doing yoga? Are you pro in rock climbing? It is a great time to invest your time and money to join a training course and get certified. You can apply for becoming an instructor or a yoga teacher.

Invest in your passion
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We understand you have a passion for it, but you also need to think practically about how you can make a job out of your passion. What can be better than having a job that you are passionate about? You will love spending your time and effort on it. So use this time well to gain the most experience and skills so you can turn your hobby into a job.

3. Start tutoring

Start tutoring
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Tutoring junior students are one of the most effective ways of earning money. You also do not need to spend a lot of your time. You can choose to teach multiple students at once. You can also become an online essay helper where you provide quality assignments for students. With more time passing, you will become an experienced essay writer.

4. Be an adventure guide

Be an adventure guide
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If you are an adventurous person and want to continue living an adventurous life, you can make a career out of it. Depending on what you like, from abseiling, snorkeling, skydiving, bungee jumping, kayaking, you have to apply for a certified trainer. But, you can make a full-time career out of it. There are a lot of adventure companies in the US that look for young people to hire.

5. Do a gap year program

Consider a gap year program like AmeriCorps, Peace Crops, or City Year. It will not only give you some valuable life lessons but also strengthen your resume. It will provide a lot of material during the interview. When you participate in a gap year program, it will link you with other alumni. These will be valuable resources later during your job search.

6. Become a nanny

Become a nanny
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Nanny is one of the most excellent opportunities for those who love working with children.

By getting a live-in nanny, you will be able to get a free room and board. It will be an excellent way for saving money. There are perks you can enjoy a solid weekly paycheck, travel by the family and complimentary use of a car on some occasion.

Long-term nannying is an excellent way of developing strong personal references which you can provide to other employers down the road.

7. Volunteer in the U.S. 

Volunteering is one of the best ways of using the time to make positive changes. You will be able to build a network of co-workers, volunteers, organizations, and supervisors that will affect your future work. Some good options for gap year programs will be Teach for America and City Year. You may either find day-to-day opportunities within your hometown or reach out to a non-profile organization to ask if they can use your help. Although it might not bring income, you can add your experience as a volunteer to your resume.

8. Travel recreationally

There cannot be a much better time to travel than college, especially because you are free of obligations to a job. Just pack your bag, book your flight, and set on a journey if you have the opportunity. It will be the most valuable experience in your life. Try making the most of it as you go on traveling. Make sure you take pictures and take blogs about it. Share with whatever you may come up with as an example of writing, multimedia, or web design skills.

9. Work in your college

Being close to college will not be a bad idea especially when you want to pursue your job in college. Whether it is the education or administration field, there are lots of job opportunities available on college campuses.

Here are the top on-campus job opportunities:

  • Teaching assistant
  • Library attendant
  • Peer tutor
  • Resident assistant
  • Social media assistant
  • Campus tour guide
  • Student production assistant
  • Barista
  • Event caterer

Working at jobs will lead you to further opportunities like getting a degree or funding post-graduate classes. Universities will bring their employees to take classes for free.

10. Teach English abroad

A large number of Americans tend to land jobs abroad each year. English has turned out to be a dominant language for international trade so export countries like Latin America and Asia are eager to get their citizens to learn the language.

Some of the program options include the JET Program with Japan as well as jobs at international schools and through service organizations.

11. Practice organic farming

Practice organic farming
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The World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms Program or “WWOF” can help individuals find organic farms opportunities throughout the world. You can avail yourself extensive database of opportunities in the country of your choice with a small fee. The duration of the experience will depend on when and where you work since the details of the agreement will be between the volunteer and the farmers.

12. Find a part-time job you’re passionate about

You do not need to dive into the 9-to 5 job career the right way and instead; you can take the year off by working on a part-time job. You can try your hand on a job that you never had the time to try. It will help you earn pocket money and also help you develop more promising opportunities down the road. Part-time jobs will eventually help you gain enough experience to get a permanent career.

Wrapping UP, 

It is completely fine to be confused about what career option you want to choose after getting graduation in the US. Take the opportunity to try your hands on various fields to get clarity on which field will be perfect for you. I think everyone takes their own time to achieve success and you will eventually get in your own time. Do not rush it and instead use the time as an opportunity.


Clara Smith is a career counselor in one of the most reputed colleges in the US. She is also associated with where she is a professional essay writer.


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