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Top 7 Web Development Trends of 2019


Top 7 Web Development Trends

If you are new to WordPress Development you need to know that it is a fragile world that keeps changing now and then and you have to keep up with the latest trends to stay relevant. What was trending last year is not what is trending this year. Your competition is doing everything it can to stay ahead in the game and so should you. To help you make the right choice in your web development in 2019, I have a list of web development trends. These trends are properly analyzed to ensure that your development efforts will not be in vain. Read through for more insights.

1. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

PWA is one of the most trending techniques in 2019 and you have to go with the flow. It allows the World Wide Web to be accessed by native mobile applications in a more friendly way. PWA refers to websites that offer functionality traditionally available to native apps. These functionalities include push notifications, offline access, and hardware access. It is not a secret any longer that the mobile platform has overtaken the desktop platform in accessing the internet. This is due to their convenience when to want to access any information on the web. The gap between mobile devices and desktops is wide, with an average app user spending 80% of his internet time on mobile devices. Therefore if you are a website developer it is advisable that to consider PWA in your website designs.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google is very serious when it comes to user experience. That is why it has taken the necessary steps to enhance the mobile browsing experience. Google introduced the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project to the public back in 2015 and is now one of the trending web technologies in 2019. AMP refers to software used for creating websites that load instantly and work very smoothly across mobile devices. Pages build using AMP load for about 2 seconds faster than those that are non-AMP pages. Companies prefer website using APM since they load quicker and this increases the website’s visibility and contribute to higher positions in SERP. This makes this technology great for SEO. If you want to build your website using an AMP, then you should be ready to use a new, purpose-built AMP HTML open framework.

3. Responsive Websites

The new technologies should not make a WordPress Developer Look down on the older ones such as responsive website designs. It still trends due to its relevance in making mobile users have a great experience on their mobile devices. Responsive designs are now compulsory to make your website rank better in SERP since Google uses mobile-friendly websites to rank websites. Like I said earlier, the majority of people use their mobile devices to access the net and that is why Google rewards websites using responsive designs. Google cares so much about customer experience and that is why websites need to be responsive.

4. Voice Search Optimization

People love voice search because is more convenient that is why it is hard to ignore it as a tending technology in 2019. It already has a clear following and many people depend on it to make quick searches. It is estimated that 30% of the general searches are done using voice searches and this is a trend that can’t be ignored. This has also contributed to the massive production of Smartphone’s. Consequently, voice commerce revenue is expected to reach $5 billion in the UK and $40 billion in the US by 2022. Come to think of it, voice searches should be a part of your SEO strategy if you have not thought about it yet. Early implementers always stay ahead in the game. Voice data is used together with Web Speech API and is divided into two components: speech recognition and speech synthesis. Speech recognition identifies voice context speech synthesis is a text-to-speech component that allows scripts to read text content.

5. AI-Powered Chat bots

The majority of businesses work on different time zones representing various continents. This situation makes it hard for customer support to be effective. It also makes it a very expensive affair, especially if the customer support is supposed to be 24/7. Companies are now moving from automated support to instant support to provide quick response time. That is where chat bots powered with AI and machine learning come into perspective. These bots can answer FAQs, connect with the right human client assistant, or even take orders. Research has also revealed that users would use chat bots for getting quick answers in an emergency, resolving a complaint, and many instances.

6. API-First Development

Currently, trends in website development provide a great platform for devices to connect. This is very clear when it comes to mobile devices and various wearables and the need for them to integrate it. This is where the API-first development approach comes in. The conservative approach doesn’t pay much attention to API development. The best they can do is to create it as a side project that is poorly designed and not tasted. The traditional approach is also time-consuming which contributes to the high-cost web development. The traditional API development cycle allows the R&D team to create designs. Back-end developers work on a prototype leaving the rest of the team like QA engineers and front-end developers waiting. When the prototype is done, when the prototype is ready QA and front-end developers get access to it.


If you are a WordPress Developer you need to be sharp enough to realize that these trends fluctuate a lot you need to seize the opportunity. This ensures that your efforts are directed to the right direction that will yield you results.

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