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Top 7 technologies in 2020-2025 (predicting the future)


The technological revolution that is already raging outside the window affects all areas of life. Techrecur is trying to predict what technologies will enter our lives over the next few years and how the electronics landscape will change during this time.

Top 7 technologies in 2020-2025

7. The renaissance of reel to reel tape recorders will be comparable to the vinyl renaissance

“- Son, what are you listening to? Step back, dad, it’s magnetic tape; in your time it was not like that, everyone used CD or streaming! ” It is these dialogues that, apparently, will accompany us in the future – interest in analog recording is constantly growing, the figure cannot even come close to the dynamic range of the tape (no matter how much other marketers say), and the number of companies that announced the release is due to increases as if by leaps and bounds.

The renaissance of reel to reel tape recorders

6. The speakers will look like aliens

New technologies have finally touched on acoustic systems – a significant number of speakers have entered the market, which previously existed only in the drawings of engineers. For example, the BAYZ Audio Courante, with its huge “growth”, weighs only 30 kg – their bodies are completely made of carbon fiber. The speaker uses proprietary radial tweeters with an omnidirectional radiation pattern; The woofers are equipped with papyrus diaphragms.

The speakers will look like aliens

5. MicroLED will destroy all competitive display technologies – and even displace projectors from the market

All investment in LCD display development will be phased out by 2022, according to one two gamer. Even in 2019, they decreased significantly – only the Chinese CSoT (TCL) is developing its plant for the production of panels of the “10.5” generation; the second player is the BOE group, which is also engaged in the development of the “10.5” line. That’s all! LG, Samsung reduce LCD production; Panasonic will completely stop producing LCD TVs in 2020, even for the professional segment. Where will the investment go? OLED, of course, including QD-OLED and OLED RGB. Further, this technology in the mass segment will be gradually replaced by microLED, which allows you to form “walls” of any size, provides a reference black color and record durability.

MicroLED will destroy all competitive display technologies

4. Dolby Atmos will come to every device with a speaker

The Amazon Echo Studio is one of the first compact swallows to support Dolby Atmos sound, and its set of drivers (1 ‘tweeter, three 2’ midrange drivers and 5.25 ‘woofer) together with a room tuning system provide a luxurious sound. Dolby Atmos, meanwhile, is marching victoriously across the planet – and will soon be in almost every device.

Dolby Atmos will come to every device with a speaker

3. Auto pilot will finally work in cars

A lot of efforts of the largest corporations are now aimed at launching a full-fledged autopilot system at least in large cities. Test flights have already begun – we are waiting for a rethinking of the paradigm of how a car works!

Auto pilot will finally work in cars

2. Voice assistants will accompany us everywhere

This is already a reality – the Google Assistant has started working in 44 languages, Amazon speakers can order pizza through voice commands – what science fiction writers wrote about outside the window or at your home.

Smart glasses will replace smartphones

1. Smart glasses will replace smartphones

One way or another, the process of miniaturization of electronics and the development of 5G networks will lead to the fact that most of the calculations will be performed on the server side, and the user will only be receiving the result. Then you won’t need to carry a “brick” in your pocket – there will be enough glasses with augmented reality systems.


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