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Top 10 Foot Massage Techniques in 2020


Top 10 Foot Massage Techniques

Foot Massage is essential after a long tiring and stressful day. This is what you need to relax your mind, body, and soul. It has several benefits that are impossible to deny.

Foot massage includes benefits such as it improves blood circulation, makes feet healthy, encourages better sleep, lowers blood pressure, controls anxiety, depression, and many more.

But there are certain techniques of foot massage that you must know otherwise all your hard work can go in vain. You can also proceed with this technique with the best foot massager that is available in the market.

Top 10 Foot Massage Techniques in 2020

Here are the top 10 foot massage techniques that you need to know in 2020. These methods will help you to know the complete foot massage technique that is used by massage therapist experts.

#Technique 1:  Rub Your Foot With Your Thumbs:

You need to rub the top of the foot with your thumbs. Start this process slowly and then move to the ankle. The person should be leaning down properly during this technique and they should keep their feet close to your chest area. By doing this you can boost blood circulation in it.

Massage the surface of the foot and repeat this process several times. Rubbing is very crucial for the feet because it enhances blood circulation. This technique must be done by someone else because you alone massaging your foot can’t do it properly.

#Technique 2: Massage Foot’s Arches:

You must include your arches in the foot massage technique. Right below the ball of the foot, use your thumbs to apply light pressure. Make sure to use both your thumbs, one in clockwise and the other in anti-clockwise.

Move both the thumbs on one another by placing it on the opposite parts of the foot. Do this more than 5 times by moving your thumbs on the arches up, down and bottom.

Make sure not to apply too much pressure on the foot otherwise, it can hurt.

#Technique 3: Rub the Heels:

Heels may also have some pain after the long tiring day of work. Heels have to face maximum pressure.

Use both your thumbs to rub the heels in a circular motion. The heel’s skin is really hard to massage. So, you can use any massage oils to continue the process and to avoid any friction.

#Technique 4: Kneading:

This technique is generally applied for deeper foot massages. Therefore, to proceed with this technique, first, you need to hold the foot taking heel on one hand.

Then with the other hand, make a fist and press it on the sole of the foot gently. You need to repeat this process again and again. This process helps to relax it deeply.

#Technique 5: Toe Rotation:

Toe Rotation is another technique that you need to follow while massaging the foot.

Rotate each toe one by one in the opposite direction. You can also grasp and squeeze toes together. You have to take your toe individually and pull it upward and backward. You can also apply pressure if needed but be sure to do it softly.

#Technique 6: Focus One Foot at a Time:

At first, don’t focus on both the feet. Otherwise, you may not be able to massage it properly.

Take one at a time and do it properly. Leave the other one in a soft pillow or warm water. Don’t be harsh while massaging the foot. You have to do it in a serial manner. Then after completing one foot, concentrate on the other one.

#Technique 7: Deep Massaging of Ankles:

Your ankles also needed to be massaged deeply in this technique. Use both of your thumbs to do circular massage on your ankles.

Apply gentle pressure on this area and massage it properly. You can even use massage oils to it to avoid any types of friction. First, do it in a clockwise direction and then anticlockwise direction. This way you can release the pain which is present in ankles.

#Technique 8: Soak Feet in Warm Water And Sliced Fruits:

After completing all the above foot massage techniques, you need to create a relaxing atmosphere.

You have made the other person sit in the chair properly so that now he/she will feel relaxed and comfortable. Then take a big bucket and power some water in it with slices of lemon, oranges, lime, etc. Then rub the slices on their feet while soaking their legs in the water.

#Technique 9:  Dry Feet With A Clean Towel:

Now after soaking their feet in the warm water, let the person sit and take their feet on your lap. Take a clean towel to dry their feet.

You should take one foot at a time and let the other one soak in the water. First, dry one foot with the towel and then concentrate on the other.

#Technique 10: Use Massage Oil or Lotions:

Now, you need to use the best massage oils or lotion on the person’s feet. You need to prefer natural or organic foot massager oils and lotions because they have no side effects.

There are varieties of the best foot massage oils that are available in the markets such as Coconut Oil, Peppermint oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Tea tree Oil, etc. Your massage is complete after applying the oils on the person’s feet.

Well, now you need to create a peaceful and calm environment after the massage. You can also switch on the music but ask it once to the person that he/she wishes to. Now, you should let the person relax for at least half an hour in a comfortable chair.

Wrapping it Up

The above-mentioned foot massage techniques are the best ones that you should know in 2020. Foot massage is vital to relax your nerves and boost blood circulation. So, it is great to do it in a consistent way one by one.

Make sure to follow the above techniques one by one while you are massaging the foot.

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