Top 10 Fast-Growing OTT Platforms in the World 

Fast-Growing OTT Platforms in the World

Who is untouched by the Over The Top (OTT) platforms?

More than half of the population in America are subscribers of OTT platforms. OTT is spreading its wings enormously in the entertainment industry. If we look around the entertainment industry, we will find that most production houses join the industry and profit from the platform. The industry experts are predicting that the total value of the OTT platform will be around  $12.50 billion by the year 2030. Here are the top 10 OTT platforms where you will get great content to watch and share with your friends. The age of the 90s has seen the change of the TVs with altering receiving wires, huge rotational buttons, cable color TVs, and presently the World of digitalization with OTT stages. The change of the advanced World made excitement curiously. The World has seen a monstrous change in how individuals’ excitement utilization has changed in a decade. It all comes right down to OTT tape and online substance conveyance. 

When we look just a decade back, we will find that most people watched shows and live streaming on television. However, this decade of digitalization has changed and is still changing the industry and taking the industry towards mobiles. Instead of 24 inches television, the real entertainment comes in the pack of 6 inches screens. Instead of waiting for 24 hrs for the next episode, everyone is choosing back-to-back episodes on the OTT platform. But is this the only reason why OTT platforms are gaining more and more subscribers every day? NO, this is one of the reasons, but there are multiple other reasons.

Watch Anytime-Anywhere

This era is not only of digitalization but also of tightening schedules. Everyone is busy with their stuff, and it’s difficult for everyone to sit in front of the TV every day; the era of digitalization and the package in the 6 inches screen changed everything. Now people can watch any daily soaps or live streaming shows at their convenience. 

Plenty of Options To Choose

OTT platforms are breaking the boundaries of the nation; previously, we used to watch shows which were available on TV only;y but not the other foreign shows, but the OTT platform has given the option to watch shows which are from other countries; with that people are getting ample options to watch. 


OTT platforms are available at a lower price than any other option. In the US, the premium subscription cost for Netflix is $19.99 for the premium package.

Here is the list of best & fastest growing platforms: 


Netflix is the most famous platform ever known. The total revenue of Netflix was $24.99 billion in the year 2020, and in the last two years, the percentage of the revenue also increased enormously. By the end of the third quarter of 2021, there were approximately 214 million users. By the end of 2022, there will be a huge increment in the number. 

Netflix is available in 190 countries for streaming, and the subscribers love their service. The high demand for the OTT platform like Netflix raises the Netflix clone apps. Getting an app like Netflix can be beneficial for you to boost your economy. 

Amazon Prime

Jeff Bezos began with the ecommerce platform and slowly and gradually, after examining the market value of the OTT platforms, came up with the Amazon Prime videos in which they are providing entertainment videos of multiple countries. Amazon Prime videos have 150+ million subscribers from 19 countries. Apart from entertainment videos, Amazon also came up with multiple other entertainment platforms like Audible. Amazon prime is famous because of its videos, including Patriot, The Man In, Mirzapur, Made In Heaven, and many other shows, web series, and movies viewed by millions. Amazon has a huge demand in the public because it is available in multiple languages, including regional languages. 


If you are a sports freak and can’t afford to miss any match, then ESPN+ is perfect. ESPN+ provides live matches to their subscribers like live rugby matches, wrestling, cricket, soccer, etc. The amusement stage is effortlessly available on smartphones, desktops, tabs, and Xbox. It is more popular for the matches’ live gushing, and it also collaborates with Disney+Hotstar.

Apple TV

The World is completely mindful of the title Apple. Apple gives huge highlights worldwide, getting the users’ consideration. The Apple TV+ doesn’t provide to everybody; the get to of the Apple TV+ is as it were available by Apple clients. Getting to the stage is constrained to recordings; the client can get amusement utilizing different offices like diversions, music, and live gushing. All the exciting offices are accessible beneath one roof; the Apple TV+ gives Apple clients the choice of paid and free bundles.


Hulu is also one of the most trending entertainment apps getting more popular every day. It has more than 45.3 million subscribers around the world. Hulu provides excellent shows to its subscribers like Pam & Tommy, How I Met Your Father, Grey’s Anatomy, Abbott Elementary, Vikings, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, etc. 


SonyLiv is also the fastest-growing OTT platform in 2022. The number of subscribers jumped by around 700% between 2020 to June 2021. The platform is mostly famous in India, Pakistan, and other such countries and marks its presence in other countries. The stage gives full get to after the membership, and it incorporates substances like well-known web arrangement, Hollywood motion pictures, Bollywood motion pictures, territorial arrangement, etc. The number of paid clients is approximately 29 million and 98 million month-to-month dynamic clients.

MX Player

Even though initially propelled in 2011, MX Player TV got to be OTT stage in 2019 with wide extending substance in a few Indian dialects counting English. It is an Indian company presently being possessed by Times Internet because it acquired the lion’s share offers.

It has nearly 280 million endorsers over the globe, and its substance is accessible in numerous nations separated from India. The substance on the app is available in 13 Indian dialects making it an unmistakable OTT app catering to a wide run of groups of onlookers.


Most of the substance you’d see on the app is Warner Bros claimed substance advertising different arrangements, memoirs, and much more. An OTT stage propelled in 2020 has nearly 64 million endorsers on the stage. Cartoon Network, CNN, Warner Bros, Boomerang are a few substance suppliers to the stage.

The app is possessed by AT&T. Substance of the app is, for the most part, served in America, Latin America, and a few parts of Europe. 


Trust you appreciate the walkthrough of the celebrated OTT stages universally. Such stages are an essential source of excitement and make for youthful business people a win-to-win circumstance. By making a clone of a platform, you can boost your economy & grow in the market. There’s a got to interface with the clone app development company to begin. Get a subscription to these platforms to enjoy unlimited entertainment anytime and anywhere. Be a part of the digitalization & make your preferences of movies and show better with these platforms. 


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