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The Truth Behind the Efficient Biometric Clocking System Technology


With the introduction of microelectronics, engineers have made it possible to develop new technologies for the betterment of the world. Take the example of advanced automated security systems. They provide an ultimate security system which is far more efficient than the traditional lock and key systems. Similarly, if you take the 21st century’s mobile phones, you can see the development that has been made in the structure. The gadget has a micro antenna hidden from the external world, a microprocessor that is smaller than an SD card, and so many other features.

With such advancements, engineers are developing more concise and fast-working technologies that can replace the bulkier version and human labor simultaneously. One such technology is the efficient biometric clocking system. Two different technologies are integrated together in a small, box-shaped device that can scan the fingerprints and simultaneously record the scans’ timings in the connected database.

Since most of you have just seen the device only, you might not have a complete knowledge about how it works, what technologies are being used, its advantages, and so on. To make you more knowledgeable, we will discuss the fundamentals about the efficient biometric clocking system used in commercial sectors widely.

Efficient Biometric Clocking System Technology

What is a Biometric Clocking System?

First, let us break the efficient biometric clocking system. The biometric word means that the device has a scanner that can scan any biometric input type and record the data. This input can be in the form of fingerprints, facial recognition, eye scanner, etc.

The clocking system is an automated recorder that gets triggered once the device verifies a scan. It is an electronic timer device which continues to record digital data until a further scan is recorded in the system. This digital data is then converted into an analog system and stored in the connected database server.

What Types of Scanners are Used in the System?

Today, we will be focusing on the fingerprint efficient biometric clocking system. These devices have two different types of biometric scanners:

  1. Optical Scanner: In optical scanners, a set of LEDs are connected to the scanning screen. The microprocessor installed in the device works on a flash module, relates to a pressure-sensitive CMOS or CCD chip. Once the employee puts his finger on the screen, the CMOS will get activated under pressure. This, in turn, will trigger the flash module, which will switch on the LEDs, and the board will run a green light, capturing a screenshot of the fingerprint pattern.

2. Capacitive Scanner: In the capacitive scanner, a board of capacitors is connected serially and parallel with each other. Once the employee puts his finger on the scanner, it will make an electric map by charging up the capacitors, directly contacting the finger. The untouched capacitors will remain discharged. Based on this, a scan will be generated, stored in the system’s memory.

Biometric Clocking System Technology

How Does It Work?

Once the scanner in the efficient biometric clocking system records the scan, it generates a timestamp. It is a value that contains both the time and date in a reliable systematic manner set by the employer. There is a timer inside the device which controls this timestamp data. The data will continue to get logged in repetitive cycles until another employee’s scan is captured. Only then the timer will stop, and the entire working time will be recorded in the database.


Overall, an efficient biometric clocking integrates different micro technologies and helps a person keep track of all the scans generated in one day and can increase the productivity.


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