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The Taj Complex


taj mahal tour from delhi

When you are on the taj mahal tour from delhi, you must visit various other places also. However, the Taj Mahal, which is the epitome of love, should be your preference. The complex of the Taj Mahal is a very beautiful one. Needless to say, there are multiple reasons for calling it the wonder of the world. Shah Jahan loved calligraphy. There is a very lavish usage of calligraphic writings in various places in the Taj Mahal.

The Prelude to the Taj Mahal

The poets of the Shah Jahan’s Court I have written prelude for the Taj Mahal. A prelude is an introductory speech for performance. There was a Mughal poet known as Kaleem who wrote the prelude for the Taj Mahal. It goes as follows:

It is a piece of Heaven of the color of dawn’s bright face because from top to bottom and inside out it is of marble- Nay, Not Marble because of its translucent color (av-u-rang) the eye can mistake it for a cloud.

The Symbolic Content of Mughal Architecture

When Shah Jahan who was ruling and building various marvelous structures, the symbolic content of Mughal architecture was used the most. The outlook towards the Taj Mahal was to create a replica of Paradise. The imagination was that Mumtaz Mahal would be living in the paradise in heaven and if her soul wants to visit the earth, there must be a replica of it. It is really beautiful to think like this. Then the planning and construction of the Taj Mahal took place. There are many faces of the symbolism of Mughal architecture. On the one hand, it represents itself to be extremely perfect. On the other hand, they are more stylized, and they seem to be permanent. The attitude towards the garden of Paradise was of permanent. It was thought that the garden of the paradise would grow in the name of earthly Garden. The symbolism also if booked a kind of propaganda for the chroniclers of Shah Jahan. It represents that Shah Jahan was wonderful at good governance in the court as well as his family. This was represented using some pictures of the plants. If you try to understand the reflection of Hindu traditions with the help of symbolism, take the example of ‘vase of plenty’ which means ‘Purna Ghata’. This can be noticed in the complex of the Taj Mahal.

Establishment of Interplay

It is related to the symbolic content of Mughal architecture itself. This particular theme, demands that there should be design and appearance of all the elements based on the principles of construction. This philosophy must dominate acid can bring out great beauty into it. There is a deliberate interplay which was established between the elements of the building materials, acoustics, surface decoration, geometric planning, etc. There is an extension of the interplay that goes beyond the function of the five senses and takes us deep into the ideas of the intellect, mathematics religion and poetry.

The Elements of the Taj complex

Every shape of the Taj Mahal speaks something. You will notice a kind of symmetry and uniformity in every part of it. There is a hierarchical accent, which is set in the shapes. There is a column called a shahjahani column. This column has multi-faceted, shaft concave elements, the capital built up from miniature rocks along with a base with 4 arched panels.

The Mausoleum

This is the most important and primary building of the Taj complex. It has the most beautiful and naturalistic decoration. It has most of the things that the Taj Mahal can boast of. The Taj Mahal great buildings, mihma Khana, the mosque, etc. are all here.

The Mughal Architecture

This was the particular period when the Mughal architecture had the most maturity in the style of construction. There was a brilliant synthesis of the Islamic culture, Persian culture mixed with little of the Hindu style of architecture. There was some influence of tamarind roots also. The Persian style of architecture dominated the designs; as the most of the credit goes to the contribution of the Persian style, which leads 2 to the formation of intelligible and undisturbed proportions and clean and uncomplicated surfaces. Kindly visit it in delhi to agra by car.


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