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The Key to Writing Memorable Marketing Copy


The Key to Writing Memorable Marketing Copy

Writing a good and memorable marketing copy is a difficult task to do even for the professionals. There is so much content available on the World Wide Web, so many videos, photos, so much marketing, and so many strategies. How can you stand out from the bunch? How can you make sure that your content will reach your targeted audience? How can you make sure that your content will stay with them? If you want to know the answer to this question and many more, then keep on reading this article.

#Know What Your Brand Stands For

In this first step, you are required to do the reverse and to think backward. Not on how many attributes you can use to describe your product, but on a few key ones. If you are daring enough, you can try and think of just one. This will be the key feature of your product and the keyword for your marketing jingle or copy.

#Leave Out the Magnifying Words

Although it might be tempting to use such magnifying words for marketing copy, they lack concrete meaning and will most likely be forgotten by the public. Yes, it might sound good to add words such as “innovating”, “ground-breaking” and so on, but they offer no real insight about the product, what it does and how it can help you solve the problem.

#Concrete Words and Daily Vocabulary

Do not hide behind useless words that are only meant to polish the surface. Use concrete words. It comes as no surprise that some of the most famous and popular marketing copies which have passed the test of time use concrete words and daily vocabulary. It is addressed to everybody and anyone can understand it.

#Make Use of Literary Devices

It might come as a surprise, but a way to create memorable marketing copy is my making use of literary devices. And no, literary devices have nothing to do with that embellished, over the top, bedazzling vocabulary, which is all about appearance and no substance. Literary devices, on the contrary, can help you use those concrete words in a way that will stick to the audience in the long run.

Some techniques you want to keep in mind when creating a marketing copy are alliteration, repetition and last but not least, rhyme. Almost everyone remembers the famous Kit Kat ad “Have a break, have a Kit Kat”. It has successfully managed to combine these techniques with the repetition of the words “have a” and the alliteration of the k letter in “Kit Kat”.

This ad is a good example of concrete daily words and main features. You can see the simplicity of the vocabulary as well as the purpose for which the product was created: to satisfy your stomach’s needs and to offer you a sweet escape when needed. Simple yet brilliantly executed.

#Make Them an Offer They Can Not Refuse

Just like how Steve Jobs did when he first launched the iPhone. It was a cellphone you can use to make calls, an iPod, or a device where you can store all your songs and listen to them later, and a portable Internet communicating device: “These are not three separate devices! This is one device.”

You do not need to reinvent the iPhone or any other product, but you have to make your potential clients an offer they simply cannot leave behind, it is simply that good. This is what you want to look for when writing your memorable marketing copy. The sauce has been spilled.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, writing memorable marketing copy is challenging, but not so complicated anymore with the help of these tips.

Author’s Bio:

Emma Robertson is a graduated digital marketing specialist and a content editor at SupremeDisserations She aims to apply her knowledge of digital content creation and optimization to help businesses network within their industries. In her spare time, Emma loves to cook vegan dishes and read high fantasy novels.


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