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The Benefits of Using Your TV as Your Computer Monitor


Technology advances and makes processes easier with interchangeable settings. For example, your computer monitor is the go-to device for displaying visuals generated for your computer, but it’s possible to use a TV instead. Read on to discover the benefits of using a TV as a computer monitor and make your computing experience more interesting.

Wider Screen for Better Visuals

It’s possible to use a monitor with a wider screen, but it won’t be as large as the average TV screen of 45 inches. You’ll see more on your screen when you use a TV as your monitor. The screen will blow up the page you’re on and make the smaller print easier to read.

Modern TVs will handle more pixels and have better resolution for the images on the screen, which will help in viewing video and having clearer pictures in conference calls. Change the settings to improve the image quality of your TV if you need to enhance the frame rate or balance the blue light filter to avoid eye strain.

Easier Switching Between Devices

Numerous devices, such as a PC, gaming console, or projector, will connect to a TV. Switching between the use of these devices is easy with a TV since you only need cables such as HDMI or USB. The visuals from these devices will transfer easily to the TV, and you’ll have a clearer picture than on a monitor.

Once you’ve finished what you must do on your computer, switching to another device is as simple as connecting a cable to different ports or switching between inputs on the TV to other connected devices. Use this ease of changing devices to your advantage during work breaks when you want to stream shows and need to switch to a console or connected streaming device.

Simpler Audio Setup

When using a regular computer monitor, the audio may not be as clear, or you’ll need to plug in speakers. One of the best benefits of using a TV as a computer monitor is the installed audio source you have more control over.

TV volume will have higher settings that will help you hear what’s coming from the screen. You won’t need to create an audio setup when the TV has built-in speakers with controllable bass and treble.

TVs are great devices that many of us use, and they are a suitable option for a computer monitor. Use your TV as a monitor for a bigger screen and improved audio and video function; your time on the web will feel interesting with this unique computer screen.


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