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The Allure of Private Jets: A Closer Look


From the time they first arrived on the scene, private jets have had an allure about them regarding their luxury and convenience. Once a service only celebrities, pro athletes, and VIPs used, private jet charters are now used by people making business trips, individuals and families heading off on vacation, and others. If you’re wondering what makes private jets unique, here’s a closer look at many reasons.

Big Cities and Little-Known Destinations

Daily, private jets take people to many of the world’s biggest and most famous cities. However, they make just as many, if not more, trips to little-known destinations. This is because private jets, much smaller than typical commercial airliners, can land at small airports scattered across the United States and elsewhere. Thus, if you need to meet a business client at their out-of-the-way home or want to take a vacation that gets you off the beaten path, private jets can land at more than 5,000 airports in the U.S. alone, making them highly versatile aircraft.

Private Jets are Affordable

Private jets are affordable even if you are not a well-known celebrity or professional athlete. As passengers have become dissatisfied with commercial air travel, many private jet charter companies have seen an opportunity to attract a new client base. As a result, flying on a private jet may cost much less than you would expect. By using a private jet cost estimator as you begin making your travel plans, you can find out how much a charter service would cost based on such factors as your destination, what services you would desire while on board, and whether or not your trip would be taking place during a busy travel period, such as over the holidays or during the summer months.

An Array of Traveling Companions

Since commercial airliners are so tightly packed and charge more and more for even the most basic of services, chances are you rarely bring any other traveling companions along with you on business trips. However, if you decide to charter a private jet for your travels, you won’t have to travel alone. If you like, the affordability of private jets means you can bring along your friends, spouse or other family members, and even your kids or pets to keep you company during your flight. Should you get your business meeting wrapped up early, you can stay at your destination longer and enjoy the sights with those you love.

Security Without the Lines

Flying on private jets is safe and secure, even though you don’t have to wait hours in line at an airport security checkpoint. Not only are the flight crews extremely experienced, but they have also been subjected to thorough background checks by their charter jet service. From the pre-flight safety checks by the crew and maintenance personnel to having your jet waiting at a location within the airport designated as high security, you’ll be able to quickly board your jet and have plenty of peace of mind as you start your trip.

Choose Your Services

One of the most popular reasons private jet travel is so alluring is the variety of services you can experience en route to your destination. If you are making a long trip, you’ll be able to have a jet that contains a bedroom that comes complete with a full-size bed. Since you may also get hungry on your flight, you can request to have a chef on board to serve you anything you desire. This can be anything from the most exquisite gourmet meal to requesting the best pet food for your dog or cat.

Once you know flying on a private jet is affordable for business or pleasure, you’ll likely be anxious to book a flight and see how it goes. If your trip is like those experienced by other first-time private jet passengers, you can relax in a spacious cabin, eat your favorite foods, and be more relaxed than ever as your jet lands at an out-of-the-way airport.

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