The Advantages of Copper Wiring in Ethernet Cables


Copper hasn’t been so widely used as it is today, due to its availability and the lack of knowledge about its capabilities. This is not to say that copper is absolute whenever it comes to ethernet wiring options, but it does have enough perks to allow it to stand out in most instances when talking about ethernet connectivity. Here are some of the advantages of copper wiring in ethernet cables and why they are often selected over other competitors.

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In the world of the internet, connectivity is key in all things. This means that keeping your internet connection open and serviceable is something that should always remain constant. With that, speed also plays a huge role. When you factor in speed, you can get more done at a faster rate. This even includes service disturbances and connectivity problems. When you have high speeds, chances are you have a quality service and a good connection.

Ease of Use

With a copper ethernet cable, you can make loops in your connection to multiply the connection throughout a space with little to no interference. What’s more, copper has higher bandwidth support at up to one gigabyte, which is huge compared to older technology such as fiber optics that only support 100 Mbps in most cases.

Low Cost

As we all know, fiber optics are not easily produced and can be quite costly aftermarket. Manufacturing fiber optic cables takes a lot of engineering and energy. Copper, on the other hand, is abundant and does the job much more efficiently.

Factoring in all the things that make copper what it is today, it’s easy to see why copper remains the obvious choice for ethernet connectivity. Having the same download and upload speeds is one thing. But when prices are cut by nearly 50 percent, the speeds are ten times what the predecessors were, and upgrading is as easy as it is, you’ll know which option prevailed. Knowing the advantages of copper wiring in ethernet cables can help you make the decision for your home or office the next time you decide to upgrade your ethernet connection.


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