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The 5 Best Payment Gateway Service Providers for International Transactions in Africa


Best Payment Gateway Service Providers

As technology transforms at the speed of a meteor hurtling through space, businesses shift and make steady attempts to continue in the race. Some naturally fail and some jump on the wagon that’s likely to take the road most travelled. As of 2019, that road for many businesses seems to be the online way. With more and more people around the world becoming digital natives, and access to tablets and phones increasing, the touch of a few fingers is all it takes to break down barriers around geography. There is a dichotomy around this situation though. It’s no more enough that a business chooses to operate online. The competition is too massive for this to work for everyone. And thanks to growing user awareness, online businesses need to keep track of the entire experience they’re offering their customers.

It is in the context of user awareness, that payment gateways need to be mentioned. A payment gateway is essentially a service software that creates a pathway between merchant, bank and customer. Through it, the bank can authorise a purchase and customers can make payments. For an online business, it is not optional to have a payment gateway. It is absolutely essential. Apart from mobilising payments, gateways also symbolise the advent of unification of applications, programmes and tons of previously irrelevant, untapped data.

Now while payment gateways are being developed to meet the future of fintech, there are questions around which is reliable and which is not. Paypal, being the oldest in service, is, of course, used the world over, but in time other players have also emerged, amping the way international payment gateway players play their game. Here’s a list of five of the best payment gateway service providers for international transactions for your reference, in no specific order.


If forward-thinking is anything to go by, then Stripe is right up there as a payment gateway provider. It is well-integrated in terms of partnerships – major card networks, local banks, the World Wide Web Consortium and the PCI Council among others. Stripe scores the way it does because it has been created for developers, which means both scalability and flexibility rank high in its API offerings.

What makes Stripe special is the way it has carefully created its UI toolkit featuring design and analytics so that a business can customise their user experience by adding a single line of JavaScript. Apart from multifarious payment options, Stripe comes with integrations with major card networks, which creates a natural screen against frauds. Real-time API reports also ensure you’re in line with the transactions that occur around your business.

Jenga PGW

Launched by one of Kenya’s most well-known fintech companies Finserve, Jenga PGW is future-forward in its functions and outlook. Among the best payment gateways for international transactions, Jenga features simply because of its heightened focus on e-commerce. Currently, the platform accepts payments from across 180 countries, integrating into its system multiple international card providers as well as mobile wallets. For bigger amounts, Jenga also makes space for efficient bank transfers.

What underscores Jenga PGW more than anything else, is its inbuilt fraud detection capabilities. Alongside, Jenga is also constantly evolving to create space for its “jengi”, a name sounding much like “Jedi”, kept in honour of developers who use the provided tools. Jenga’s overall capability is further enhanced by inbuilt artificial intelligence that constantly aids a developer’s process in testing and building.


An offering of JP Morgan Chase, WePay is an integrated payment gateway platform that has quickly earned a name for itself, thanks to the ease of use it promises and lives by. It has pulled into its folds multiple payment methods, including credit, debit, ACH and Chase pay. The other advantage of using WePay is that as a business you can craft rich customer experiences through their tools, which include branding amongst others.

The platform has a very strong policy around frauds and chargebacks, in which case it takes 100% coverage for the exposure. Additionally, the platform also does compliance heavy lifting for businesses by going making them PIC, KYC and OFAC compliant for setup and running.


In service and retail setups, it’s become essential to have payment solutions that are fast, easy and secure. Authorize.Net ensures that with a gateway that on the looks of it is simple, but in fact merges several complexes yet necessary processes. What sets this service apart is that they offer a fraud detection toolkit at no additional cost when a business signs up for their gateway services. The toolkit contains IP, shipping, transaction and velocity filters.

Authorize.Net also features a rather evolved customer information management system. There is the flexibility of weaving in multiple locations and payment methods, and with the help of an additional API, any business can integrate all this information Ito their website or merchant interface.


PayU represents a simple yet integrated payment gateway service that can be found in over 16 markets across Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, making it one of the best payment gateway service providers for international transactions. The platform features more than 250 modes of payment, which can be accessed and worked through over a computer, a tablet, a mobile and even offline.

PayU’s customer base is estimated to be more than 2 billion, including those who don’t yet have a credit card. A hosted checkout ensures customers get a quick and easy checkout with all payment methods integrated to create a greater choice.

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