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Trinidad & Tobago TSTT LTE In Service —No LTE –No LTE-A —   Digicel Trinidad & Tobago LTE In Service- Planned LTE-NO LTE-A —  

Turks & Caicos   C&W/LIME Turks & Caicos LTE in Service – Planned LTE-Planned LTE-A—   Digicel Turks & Caicos LTE in Service-Planned LTE- LTE-700 LTE- A—   Islandcom LTE In Service-Planned LTE- LTE-700 LTE-A —

Uruguay   Antel/Ancel LTE In Service Dec 2011 LTE- LTE 1700/2100   Claro Uruguay LTE- In Service Feb 2014 LTE- LTE 1700/2100   Dedicado (WiMAX) LTE in Service- Planned LTE- LTE-3500 TDD   Movistar Uruguay LTE in Service – Planned LTE- LTE 1900  

Côte D’Ivoire   Atlantique Telecom / Moov LTE— LTE-A—   Comium Côte D’Ivoire LTE– Planned LTE-A—   MTN LTE— LTE-A—   YouMee LTE– LTE-TDD   Orange LTE— LTE-A—   ViPNet LTE-Planned LTE-TDD LTE-A—

Dem. Rep. Congo   Bharti Airtel RDC LTE – No   Oasis Telecom LTE – — LTE-A – —   Orange LTE — LTE-A— Smile Communications DRC LTE – Planned   Vodacom LTE— LTE-A —

Djibouti   Djibouti Telecom / Evatis LTE – No LTE-A – No

Egypt   ECMS / MobiNil LTE – In Trial LTE-A No   Etisalat Misr LTE – In Trial LTE-2100 LTE-A No   Vodafone Egypt LTE –  In Trial LTE-A

Equatorial Guinee   HiTs Telecom LTE- No Guineanet (WiMAX) LTE – Planned LTE-700 LTE-A – No

Eritrea   Eri-Tel LTE  Planned LTE-A – No

Ethiopia   Ethiopian Telecom/Ethio-Mobile LTE- Planned LTE-A No

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