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Solved! “Sorry, we are unable to proceed with your request. Please try again” in Yahoo Mail


“Unable to Proceed with Your Request” in Yahoo Mail

Recently, an error has been faced by many users of Yahoo Mail application, which restricts them to access their yahoo mails. The issue was seen when a user tries to log in to their Yahoo account but is unable to do so, instead an error message is displayed “Sorry, we are unable to proceed with your request. Please try again”. In the article, we will be discussing the cause of the error, the way to make users access the Yahoo account, or create a backup to avoid loss of data.

The Reason behind “Unable to Proceed with Your Request” in Yahoo Mail

As Yahoo Mail is the commonly used email application by several users across the world, multiple users from different locations of the world face the issue making them unable to proceed with their request to use their own accounts. Because of this error, users who have been using Yahoo account for more than 10 years were on the verge of losing their data items stored in it. In a report, it was found that this issue was mostly seen after Yahoo has been acquired by Verizon. The mission of Verizon is to move its business from analog to digital by purchasing the Yahoo brand and its services.

Since the Yahoo Mail related services are now being handled by Verizon after it has been sold, it is quite possible that the mail server and the database have not been updated properly or migrated from Yahoo to Verizon. According to the queries, it was seen that error was found only in some locations in the world while other users from the different locations were able to access their Yahoo accounts. The occurrence of error “unable to proceed with your request” may be due to migration of data in Yahoo server to Verizon are taking place location-wise, which is why some user at different locations can access their account and some cannot.

1. “I am not able to access my Yahoo account and getting an error message ‘Sorry, we are unable to proceed with your request. Please try again’. I am worried about data in it. Suggest a workaround as soon as possible.”

2. “I stay in the UK and I cannot access my Yahoo account, which I have used only this morning for sending an email. However, a friend who is staying in Denmark is able to access his account. Please help.”

3. “Can anyone tell me what is going wrong with the Yahoo server? I have been trying to access the account the Yahoo account from a day. Whenever I try to log in, it is displaying the same error stated above.”

4. “I have been using Yahoo account for 5 years and have never faced any login issue until today while trying to sign in into my account. Then, I made sure that all the cache/cookies are cleared. Still, I cannot log in. Really Disappointed!”

5. “Why Yahoo is rejecting my login request to access my account? I am sure that there is no issue in the password as I have recently updated it. It has been 18 hours since the Yahoo Server is down. Please do something.”

Consequences of the Issue

Yahoo Mail is not only preferred for personal usage but is also used for business purposes due to which it is being used by various employees in an organization. “Unable to proceed with your request” error makes the user unable to access Yahoo mail account may lead to the major outage as it will hinder the growth and business continuity. It will create problems if the employees working in an organization need to access the Yahoo mails containing project related information. Though Yahoo has been one of the top-most appreciated email clients, the issue discussed above has made its users disappointed, leading to the threat of losing data in the Yahoo server.

Perfect Solution for the Error

After Yahoo Mail has been purchased by Verizon, users from all locations of the world flooded queries related to the same query “Sorry, we are unable to proceed with your request. Please try again” that makes users unable to log in to the Yahoo account. The user tried to do everything possible such as clearing the cache/cookies, restarting the system, trying to get help from Yahoo, Re-entering the account credentials, etc. however they were unable to use their Yahoo profiles.

Well, one method that will allow users to access their account easily is with the help of the Yahoo Backup Tool. This tool will effortlessly make user login using Yahoo account details and will provide you the complete access to all emails, contacts, calendars, etc. It also has the provision to create a backup of all these items in multiple file-formats PST, EML, MSG or MBOX file formats, which can be stored locally. It will prevent the loss of data items the user can have peace of mind if their important data has been backed up at a safer location.


Since several queries have been posted by Yahoo users that restrict them to access their account and instead get an error “Sorry, we are unable to proceed with your request. Please try again”. The article has been aimed to provide a way to help users of Yahoo account get access to their emails with the help of Yahoo Backup Tool.


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