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Social media Marketing: Tips to stand out from the crowd


Social media Marketing

Every brand on social media is fighting to put out engaging content to gain more attention from users. The war is legit because social media holds a lot of power. If used in the right manner it can be a powerful tool to not only create a brand identity but increase your customer and sales number.

There are over 3.8 billion social media users as of early 2020. It means that if you play your cards right, you can connect with a lot of your target audience and get more leads. But only if you give your chosen platform enough time and work hard to get out great and engaging content.

If you are not careful with your social media platforms, it will be a tedious job with no good results. In early 2020, Facebook and YouTube emerged as the most popular social media platform with WhatsApp coming in as the third most popular platform. Instagram user numbers are increasing at a quick speed. For B2B businesses, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the best profiles.

So, if you want your brand to use social media platforms correctly, make sure to follow these tips.

1. Know your audience

The most important element for success on Instagram is knowing what your audience wants. Research them so that you know them better than they know themselves. You need to know what the audience is looking for when they sign up for a social media platform.

Also, find out which social media platform and what type of content is more popular amongst your target audience. It will give you a specific platform or platforms to work with, and you don’t have to waste time working every platform out there.

Furthermore, experiment with different content types. Don’t just upload images, go for videos, IG or Facebook stories, GIFs, memes, and so on. Consumers like mixing things up and it experimenting with tons of content will give you an idea that appeals to your customer better.

2. Have goals

Unlike individuals, brands are not on social media to connect with family and upload photos of your cherished moments. You are here because you either want to increase your lead conversion rate or create a brand identity or both. So, knowing what you aim to get by having social media accounts is important. In other words, set SMART goals.

SMART goals refer to:

  • Specific: Have specific goals like getting more followers or increasing sales number
  • Measurable: Whatever goals you have, you need to have a way to measure them. Otherwise, you cannot be sure whether you are reaching your goal or not.
  • Achievable: set short term goals that you can achieve and then move on to next
  • Realistic: goals like getting 100 plus followers in 2 weeks is better than getting 100+ followers in 2 days.
  • Time: The goals you set should have a time limit so that you don’t spend a lot of time stuck on one thing.

3. Make your posts mobile-friendly

You can operate most social media platforms on both desktop and mobile. Also, 3 billion people use their mobile phones to access their social media platforms. So, make sure that whatever video or image you post works well on mobile.

They need to have high quality, but not a big size otherwise your site will take a lot of time to load on mobile. Moreover, use Canva to create images or gifs or memes that you can scale later to fit your mobile and desktop needs.

4. Hire the right social media manager

You need to have a dedicated social media platform team led by a capable manager. Most people hire a social media manager who is affordable and has a light schedule. But you have to remember that you get what you pay for.

So, if you hire a cheap manager, don’t expect groundbreaking results. Here are some qualities that your manager should have:

Understanding of the brand: The manager is going to the brand’s voice when it comes to social media. So, a thorough understanding of your brand is important. Also, ensure that they know their way around grammar and spelling.

Strategic: A social media manager needs to be strategic because if they don’t have a long or short-term goal, your social platforms won’t flourish. They need to know what goals are more important and must come up with a strategy that helps achieve it quickly.

5. Work with influencers

More than 50% of consumers listen to influencer’s reviews before buying a brand’s product. So, if you want to increase your numbers, collaborate with influencers. Find people with a good number of followers who have engaging content and high engagement rate in your niche.

Once you find the right fit, offer them something in return to review your brand’s product. Like sponsorship or free products or a means to promote themselves through your brand, or so on.

These five tips are the holy grail when it comes to ensuring that your social media platform helps grow your brand. Try these tips, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Alice is a food lover, marketer, travelling, blogger and a wife. By profession a digital marketing scholar by choice and tech-savvy. She is much loving to connect new people, talking, discuss about new ideas. She also keep searching new things around.


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