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Smartphone Leasing for Enterprises: Why Choose Leasing Over Buying


Mobile technology has been incremental in revolutionizing the operations across businesses as well as the personal lives of human beings. Ever since the first iPhone was launched in the year 2007, the mobile phone market has grown exponentially, touching base with our day-to-day activities, replacing the need for any other gadget or device in practicality. 

In the business world as well, mobile technology has not only replaced the conventional pen and paper-based systems through and through but is also on the verge of replacing the complex, bulky computerized systems with handy mobile phones and tablets that are low maintenance, faster to acquire and set up and also ‘mobile’ which makes it perfect for today’s use case of ‘remote’, ‘wireless’ and ‘limitless’. 

The good news and the bad news about mobile technology evolving every single moment is that every day, the device becomes outdated and a newer, smarter and sleeker model hits the market. While some companies stick to a yearly release for their newer versions of the phone, there are several OEMs that ship a device every couple of months, overwhelming the user as to which device is the best for their use. 

Smartphone Leasing for Enterprises: Why Choose Leasing Over Buying

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For personal use, individuals can choose to stick to a model that is a couple of versions older or upgrade regularly, quite frankly depending on how tech-savvy they are (and how much they are willing to spend) but for enterprises, it is a different ball game altogether. 

Enterprises that make use of mobile technology within their operations depend largely on the computational capabilities of the devices they use and cannot afford anything less than the best. The device version and its capabilities largely impact not only the employee productivity but also the overall business operations, efficiency and security of the corporate data.

Here’s why for enterprises, choosing leasing over buying:

Low total upfront costs

Capital investment in device hardware is one of the key aspects to consider when looking to embark on the mobility journey. As enterprises get started with procuring device inventory for their workforce, saving up on the principal investment is welcome and leasing makes way for the same. With device leasing, enterprises as well as small businesses, can get started with enterprise mobility without investing a large piece of dough. 

Easy upgrades

With over 6000 apps being launched every day on the Play Store, there is no doubt that technology is changing every single day. As mentioned earlier, upgrading the latest tech is critical especially for the devices that are deployed for operations that require the most latest tech available. With leased devices, the enterprises are not stuck with committing long term to a single range or version of devices, which means upgrading the latest or better version is easier, faster and does not incur large costs in the process. Leasing makes way for upgrading from the existing device and enterprises can be assured that their employees always have the latest versions of the device.

Option to buy out

Not all operations in the enterprise environment require high tech and some work perfectly fine with legacy devices. If business needs demand to stick to the ‘why fix something that’s not broken’ approach and want to continue using the devices their employees are familiar with, they can always buy out the devices, albeit at a little higher cost in the long run, but worth it considering the flexibility it brings forth.

Closing lines…

Keeping up with the pace of technology is the only way to stay ahead of the race for modern enterprises. With device leasing, accessing the latest technology is seamless and straightforward without a doubt.

Author Bio –

Renuka ShahaneRenuka Shahane is a Sr. Content Writer at Scalefusion and NuovoPay. An engineering graduate, an Apple junkie and an avid reader, she has 5+ years of experience in content creation, content strategy and PR for technology and web-based startups.


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