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Seqrite Endpoint Security: An Amazing Tool For Computer Protection


Seqrite Endpoint Security is an unambiguous and inclusive computer protection platform. It is integrated with various innovative technologies like the advanced version of a DNA scan, Anti Ransomware, Behaviour Detection System and many such securities that protect the network from the modern-day technological threats. Seqrite Endpoint Security is rich in the advanced range of features like highly vulnerable Scanning system, Patch system, Advance Device Control, DLP, Filter on Web, Assets Management and many more in a single unit. It enables that the organization ensures overall security and control.

Seqrite Endpoint Security is an integrated security brand of Quick Heal Technologies Ltd, which is a pioneer in antivirus research and development in India. It was launched in 2015. The definition of its security can be summed up in essential two words, simple and innovative. Seqrite solutions have been backed up by UTM for robust gateway security, Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud and Seqrite Secure Web Gateway. Seqrite Solutions is backed by the Quick Heal AV protection engine, which is internationally certified by ICSA Labs, OPSWAT, Checkmark, AV-Comparatives and many other well-known organizations.

Benefits of Seqrite Endpoint Security

It is compulsory for every business enterprise to protect all the necessary information that is fed in their computer device. There are several reasons to install Seqrite Endpoint Security. The reasons are mentioned below:

  • Offers Multiple Layered Protection- Seqrite Endpoint Security protects the device in multiple layers to ensure that no bugs have been missed. It has been successful in providing the best security for so many years. The security is awarded by the technologies like Behaviour Detection, Advanced DNA Scan, Anti Ransomware. It also contributes to protecting the systems from malware and high-level of threats at different levels.
  • It has centralized control on management- is equipped with a user-friendly interface which helps to monitor, configure and manage the system of the network. It helps to prepare an informative report and graphical dashboard. It has an architecture to manage Primary and secondary distribution of the web effectively. Centralized administration means web-based security with managing groups the policies through email, SMS and notifications.
  • It provides vulnerable Scan and Patch application- Seqrite Endpoint Security is an excellent computer protect6ion software which detects application and endangers the operating systems. It helps to fix the bugs by the installation of missing patches. It makes sure that the software are updated on a regular basis because it will make them less prone to attacks by different malware. Vulnerability provides summarizes view as per the severity and Patch management is the solution to the vulnerable Microsoft and Non-Microsoft application.
  • Comprehensive Security and Endpoint control- Seqrite Endpoint Security is a basic yet efficient platform that manages security. It helps to effectuate control over the application, data and access to the web. It is loaded with a wide range of features such as DLP, Advanced Device Control, Application Device Control, Asset Management etc. Advanced device controls extort policies in regard to the usage of storage devices, portable or mobile devices, wireless devices and network interface attached to the endpoints. It also helps to prevent data by keeping a track into confidential and user-defined data that are shared through external devices or network apps.

Features of Seqrite Endpoint Security

The security system is equipped with so many features for protecting the computer. Here’s a list of features that makes it an excellent protective tool:

  • Malware Protection- A robust malware protection system is the primary need for any security software. The software has malware protection certified top marketers.
  • Ransomeware Protection- Losing files can be very harmful to businesses, as a solution to which the software has Ransomware protection that takes automatic backup of the files.
  • Vulnerability scanning- The software helps to detect the eruptions in the network that exploits the application. It also blocks the attempts of the intruders.
  • Firewall Security- This is one of the most important features of the software. It keeps a track on inbound and outbound traffic of the network based on specific rules.
  • Internet Security- It protects viruses to enter the device by blocking malicious sites based on its category. It helps to add controls in the device by scheduling internet access based on time.
  • Phishing protection- It helps to protect users from accessing sites that are prone to phishing by identifying the signals that are related to the usage of the assets of the brand, classification of the content and report the harmful URLs.
  • Analytics and Reporting- Security Analytics collects the data, integrate it, analyze it and then detect the threat. It reports the risk and keeps extensive data safely.
  • Asset Management- The security system provides visibility to the hardware and software and track the changes on them. It can easily prevent risk in the event of security.

Seqrite Endpoint Security is straightforward to install software to provide security to the enterprise. It provides a world-class security solution to the businesses. The proper utilization of the software will end up in maximizing the overall performance of the business.

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