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People are switching to on-demand apps for services: Here’s a complete guide for developing an on-demand app.


complete guide for developing an on-demand app

People demand convenience and comfort. Any modern advancement is aimed at achieving increased comfort. One major technological advancement is on-demand apps. With the advent of on-demand apps, people get doorstep services. These on-demand apps act as reliable and efficient service providers. Even the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, states, “The vision is that people should have the ultimate convenience. Being able to get the things they care about on the appropriate device.”

The coronavirus pandemic is pushing people towards the use of on-demand apps, as well as to a responsive web design. Nationwide lockdowns have restricted people’s movements. People demand doorstep services with these on-demand apps. Food, grocery, medicines are delivered instantly. The rise of the on-demand apps market is visible post the pandemic season. Any entrepreneur will look to make the maximum use of the current situation. You can develop on-demand services app like Gojek with proper planning and insights. In this blog, you’ll get to know how these on-demand apps are developed. With this blog, a step-by-step approach to on-demand app development is devised and listed.

What are the initial stages before on-demand app development?

Identifying the target audience:

Any app needs a specific target audience. Before developing an on-demand app, you need to identify people who can make use of your app. It is to be duly noted that you need people in your locality. Target audience, in simpler terms, is the backbone of your app. You need to satisfy the needs of the target audience. In this way, you increase the sustainability of your app in the market.

For example, if you are about to develop a babysitters app, parents are your target audience. If you wish to sustain in the market, you need to satisfy the needs of full-time working parents by providing the best childcare services in town.

Extensive market research:

Before developing an app, you need to do extensive market research. Extensive market research involves identifying the voids in the market, flaws in the existing app, etc. Extensive market research in a particular locality can do wonders in your app. You’ll get to know what the market demands. Moreover, you’ll get insights regarding how to develop an app and important features of the app. Always remember, the void in the market can be filled only through extensive market research.

According to Aerin Lauder, a popular businesswoman, “I love market research because you really have an idea of what your consumers are looking for.”

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP):

To optimize your budget, you need to be well aware of the minimum viable product. A minimum viable product is developed with basic features and minimum budget. The idea of developing a minimum viable product is to reduce your budget to the maximum possible. A business owner needn’t invest big initially. He/she can deploy the MVP in the market, look at the audience’s response, and then plan to update the existing app.

These are the initial stages to be considered before developing an on-demand app.

What are the must-have features in an on-demand app?

On-demand apps should be feature-filled. A feature-filled app attracts more users towards the app. Here are some must-have features that are worth considering,

Features of User app:


Users can register with the app via different social media handles like Google, Facebook, etc. This is a single-step registration process.

In-app navigation:

One of the main advantages of on-demand apps is the real-time tracking facility. With this facility, users get to know the status of their orders instantly.

Payment options:

Users can pay for their on-demand services via different payment gateways, including credit, debit cards, digital wallets, etc.

Ratings and Reviews:

Users can rate their service and can review the same through the ratings and reviews feature.

Features of the service provider and delivery person app:

For an on-demand app service, you either need service providers or delivery persons or both. They constitute a network for on-demand apps. Here are certain features for their respective apps.

Availability status:

Service providers and delivery persons can toggle between their availability with this feature. Their services are visible to users only if they switch on this feature in the app.

Accept/Reject requests:

They can accept/reject requests based on their availability and interests. For example, if you opt for a food delivery service, delivery persons can accept/reject requests based on their choice. If you opt for a massage service, the masseur (service provider) can accept/reject requests.

Push notifications:

Both service providers and delivery persons needn’t access the app every time. They are updated instantly with push notifications through the app.

How can business owners earn revenue through on-demand apps?

Any business owner will expect to generate revenue through on-demand apps. Let’s take a look at the different sources of revenue generation.

Payment commissions:

The app acts as a bridge between users and service providers. The app satisfies the users by providing them services. It satisfies the service providers by providing them jobs and acts as a source of income. Hence, the business owners receive a part of users’ payment as commission. The payment, after deduction, reaches the service providers. Payment commissions are a common way to generate revenue through on-demand apps.

Third-party advertising:

Business owners can join hands with third-party vendors for advertising services. By advertising third-party services for a specified timeframe, revenues are generated. But for this way of revenue generation, your app should be popular enough in the market.

Premium subscriptions:

A premium version of the app can add to revenue generation as well. Users need to pay a certain amount to unlock premium subscriptions. By unlocking premium subscriptions, they can enjoy certain key benefits of the app when compared to an ordinary user.

What are the major services that can boost ROI?

It is ideal to offer services that best suit your locality. However, certain major services can assure your ROI. They are,

  • Transportation and Taxi services: One of the popular on-demand services across the globe is the taxi services. The global taxi market is expected to generate $235 billion by 2030.
  • Food and grocery delivery services: In this pandemic season, these services are your obvious choice. The market is flourishing more than ever.
  • Telemedicine services: This service, too, is worth considering this pandemic season. You can provide online consultations to patients.
  • Beauty services: One of the popular on-demand services globally is beauty services. Doorstep beauty services add to the comfort and luxury of users.
  • Multi-services: You can provide multiple services in a single app. It takes time and effort to create a multi-services app. However, a Gojek clone app from app development companies can be launched instantly in the market.

Summing up,

The on-demand app market is expected to generate $335 billion in revenue by 2025. With the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the market is growing exponentially. Even as a beginner, your chances of sustaining in the market increases vastly due to the needs of the people. Proper utilization and providing the best services in town can help your app gain popularity in the market. The idea of a multi-services app is gradually gaining people’s attention. Hence, provide what people demand without hampering their convenience. By doing this, you can gain popularity and thrive in the market!

Author Bio:

Jennifer Atkinson is a Growth hacker and marketer for Appdupe focused on providing ready-made app solutions. She loves to find new business ideas and helps startup entrepreneurs with business consultation. She has a specialty in writing about startup ideas, feasible business recommendations, etc.

I am Lucia by profession a blogger, tech geek and much interested in exploring digital world and new technology. I am also a mother, wife. I really loving fashion things and travelling.


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