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List Of 5 Steller Tools For Embedding Yelp Reviews On Any Website


Businesses should not underestimate the importance of customer reviews on various online review platforms. And when talking about online review platforms, how can we forget Yelp? 

Yelp is one of the most trustable and prominent customer review platforms.

Yelp is used by the majority of people to search for local businesses like restaurants, bars, saloons, etc. And over the years Yelp reviews have helped customers to choose the best business based on the best Yelp reviews and ratings. Thus this is not only beneficial for the customers but also very impactful for the businesses, for this reason, businesses often opt to add Yelp review widget on their websites

But businesses find it very difficult sometimes to choose the best tool for their website to embed the Yelp review. That’s why in this blog, we will take you to explore some of the steller tools that will be the best fit for embedding the Yelp widget on the website. 

So keep exploring this blog to know about the tools in detail and choose the best one for your website. 

Embed Yelp Reviews On The Website Smoothly With These 5 Excellent Tools

A study by has shown that Yelp has a huge contribution to generating impactful sales for businesses. Thus, engage your visitors on your website by showing the best Yelp review. Have a look at the list of tools that we have gathered for you below through which you can smoothly embed Yelp reviews on the website

#1 Tagembed

We are starting our list with Tagembed. Tagembed’s widget makes it smooth for businesses to embed Yelp reviews on their website seamlessly. The code-free process by Tagembed makes it easy even for non-technical individuals. Tagembed comes with various advanced features for the Yelp reviews widget that help to upgrade the website and bring growth in the performance of the business. Some of them are mentioned below. 

Smart customization- Tagembed comes with a lot of customization options that will help you to give your Yelp review a professional upgrade. The elements like theme, card style, background, and others from where you can adjust everything according to your style. Card style comes with the option of color scheme, font family, text alignment, and many others by which you can edit the whole style of your Yelp reviews. You can even choose to hide the identity of the author if you wish. Thus, you can build a Yelp review widget just according to the taste of your brand.

Advanced moderation panel- You can show only the relevant and important Yelp reviews in your Yelp review widget by filtering out the unnecessary Yelp reviews. You can both manually and automatically filter out contents. So, it will let you show only those Yelp reviews that will bring more conversions. 

Real-time update- You don’t need to update your Yelp review every time. Effortlessly update your Yelp review widget with new reviews automatically in real-time. Thus it will save a lot of your time. 

In-depth analytics- Helps you continuously monitor its performance like how many people view, click-through rates, etc. This helps in understanding the performance of the  social media feed. 

#2 JustReview

Next on our list, we have a widget for yelp reviews by JustReview. JustReview provides its user with an inbuilt review widget. Collect reviews with JustReview customizable widgets and embed them on the website easily, it is a magical technology and advanced tool. We will look into the detailed features of JustReview.

No domain limit- JustReview lets you directly add a Yelp review widget on the website without any specific limit of domains. It ensures that your visitors will have smooth access to your website even when there is a period of peak traffic.

Customizable widgets- JustReview has 6 fully customizable widgets that let you effortlessly highlight the Yelp review on your website. Each of them has its specific advantages. The Badge widget is the elegant one that shows the average ratings and total number of reviews. The testimonial widget helps to show detailed reviews of the individual customers in a scrollable testimonial carousel. 

Some of the important features by JustReview are also there which can be only available with the upgraded version of the tool. 

#3 ReviewOnMyWebsite

Integrate the Yelp review widget on your website seamlessly with the help of ReviewOnMyWebite. Let’s dive into the note-worthy features of ReviewOnMyWebsite.      

Code-free integration- Quickly and effortlessly embed the Yelp review widget on the website even without coding knowledge. You can display a Yelp review on your website by just copying and pasting the generated code.  

Show real-time Yelp reviews- With the ReviewOnMyWebsite, you will be assured that you are displaying customers your latest Yelp reviews on the website. It keeps your website up-to-date and relevant. 

Personalization- Give your Yelp review a professional touch with the personalization feature. Give a feel and look to your widget that matches the aesthetic of your website. 

#4 SociableKIT

Bring life to your website by embedding a Yelp review widget on the website with SociableKIT. It lets visitors connect with your brand by creating a fair presence for Yelp reviews on the website. How does the yelp widget by SociableKIT work? Let’s look into that. 

Embed Yelp reviews to the website- SociableKIT let’s generate a small code for the Yelp reviews and users can paste the code on the website. Users can either create a new page or edit the existing page. 

Customization- SociableKIT lets its users customize the color, font, text, and more. So you can edit the look and feel of the widget as per the style of your brand. 

#5 EmbedSocial

We are closing our list of Yelp reviews with EmbedSocial. Below are the features of EmbedSocial that let you embed an attractive Yelp review.

Auto sync- With just one click it lets users collect all the Yelp reviews in a single place creating a Yelp widget that can be edited based on the filter.  

Tag and filters- Users have the option of organizing the Yelp reviews as per the data and time. Reviews can be categorized as per the tags. Also, you have the option of filtering reviews by keywords. 

Customization- The option of customization lets users configure the padding, title, and image size and can even edit the title, color, size, etc of the widget. 

But EmbedSocial lets you display only 3 Yelp reviews at a time. If you want to embed more than 3 Yelp reviews, in that case, you have to upgrade your plan. In addition to that currently, it provides only slider, grid, masonry, carousels, and table layout review widgets to display Yelp reviews on the website. 

End Note

As we have come to the conclusion of the blog it can be said that Yelp reviews hold a key position among the various online review platforms. Here in this blog, we have talked about 5 great tools for easy embedding of the Yelp review on the website. As we all know that displaying reviews on the website comes with various leverages and each tool comes with its special features so it can be difficult to choose the best.

Now that you are well aware of the features of each of the 5 Yelp widgets, transform your website’s online presence by displaying a Yelp review on your website choosing the best tool for you. 

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