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Jobs That Will Make You Feel Free


You are probably reading this post while working in a job that makes you feel bored, trapped and feeling like there is no alternative. While it can feel that way when you are in a job that doesn’t excite or challenge you, it is worth knowing that there is always an alternative out there. To help you dream about a different way of life, this guide has been created to recommend a few jobs that will have you feeling free. Read on now for the complete overview.

Truck Driver

If you want to hit the open road and be your own boss, then there simply isn’t a better job out there than being a truck driver. Not only will you have no boss hovering over your shoulder while you work, but you will be able to travel all over the place, including to different countries. One of the most amazing parts of this job is that you only need to have a general driving certificate, then it’s just a few months of training and certification before you can hit the road. You can also look at truck loads for a great source for trucking jobs.


If there is any topic that you are particularly talented in, then you can always retrain as a tutor. If you went to a good university and have a higher qualification, you can get good rates teaching others about particular topics. It also allows you to travel around and be able to meet a very diverse amount of people, whether you teach languages, literature or one of the sciences.

Freelance Writer

For true flexibility in your work, why not consider a career in freelance writing? While it takes a while to build up a client list, you can put your writing skills to the test and get paid handsomely for the effort. The greatest part about being a freelance writer is that you can basically work from everywhere, with some countries and regions actually paying people to move there and work. If you have no reason to stay in one place, this could be a very good option for you!

Taxi Driver

If you want to meet a diverse amount of people every day, set your own hours and get paid for it in the process, then one of the best jobs around is to work as a taxi driver. It’s worth taking this job if you live in an area with a lot of people, so you know that there will always be a steady stream of work. Either way you’ll be sure to have some amazing stories to tell.

Website Creator

If you are interested in earning a passive income that allows you full flexibility while being able to go off and enjoy the parts of your life that truly matter to you, then creating websites might just be the right job for you. While it takes a while to get started, if you manage to create a way to earn passive income, it can mean not having to work as much as someone in a normal full-time job.


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