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Is NetSuite ERP or CRM a right choice for your business?


NetSuite ERP or CRM a right choice for your business

Well, NetSuite is the first solution to deliver on the promise of intelligent and integrated apps for small and mid-size businesses. If you are a small or medium-scale organization, you may already have thought of opting for an ERP solution which would simplify your business needs. This also includes the company’s willingness to move to cloud computing.

At first, it may seem a little bit odd to transfer your company’s processes into the cloud. But if you want to transform your business and maintain an edge over others, then it is beneficial to hire a consulting service to choose the best ERP or CRM option.

Having an in-house server can take up a lot of space in your office. So before delving into NetSuite and CRM, let’s take a glance at the aspects of cloud computing. NetSuite consulting services are your ideal option when the context is about availing quality advice on deploying ERP solutions in your organization.   

An Overview of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to the business transactions carried out on remote servers hosted on the internet to process, store and manage data. It is a commonly observed fact that a large number of small and mid-size companies have their own onsite servers to carry out business processes seamlessly.

Contrary to your in-house servers, cloud servers are not located in your company. However, you can access them from across the world with the help of an internet connection. Also, with cloud computing, you have access to numerous servers at once.

So if the server you are accessing has some problems and is down, you would be able to execute business processes with the help of another server. Moreover, cloud computing is scalable. It provides you with additional flexibility while you are in the process of growing your business.

NetSuite- the First ERP of the World to be built for the Cloud

In case you don’t know, NetSuite is the largest provider of cloud-based business management solutions. It helps organizations to manage the core business processes with a single and fully integrated system.

NetSuite can be rapidly deployed and is flexible enough to support various aspects of your business. A large number of organizations run their important operations on NetSuite as it has a highly customizable set of functionalities.

And as the platform is famous for being scalable and agile, you can execute your business operations seamlessly without any issues. On the other hand, with real-time information, organizations can work anytime and anywhere with any kind of device.

The only thing you need to work on NetSuite is a stable internet connection and you would be able to run your business even from a remote location.

Important Things to know about NetSuite ERP

Apart from being an ERP, NetSuite’s CRM software is the only cloud solution which provides users with a real-time and 360-degree view of your customers. Always remember that NetSuite CRM provides a seamless flow of information across the entire buyer lifecycle.

In case you are still confused about NetSuite ERP, you should know that NetSuite offers various software products which help organizations to streamline their business processes. Moving over to a CRM or ERP from NetSuite would integrate all the different departments that are present in your organization. Here are some of the most popular software products of NetSuite that you should be aware of.

NetSuite ERP

Under the NetSuite ERP, you would avail solutions related to financial, order, supply and production management, fulfillment and warehouse.

Suite Commerce

You would get end-to-end business to consumer and business to business ecommerce platforms.

NetSuite CRM

With NetSuite CRM, you would avail sales force and marketing automation along with customer service and partnership relationship management.

Why opting for NetSuite CRM is the Best Option?

There is no denying the fact that NetSuite CRM offers a great number of benefits for the business organization. For instance, with NetSuite CRM, you would be able to process the modeling and change that takes place with new trends. Another key highlight of NetSuite CRM is that it offers you with a 360-degree view on the customer’s buying journey.

It would also help with the simplification of the working processes of the customers. NetSuite CRM is one of the ideal solutions when the context is about facilitating transparent work procedures and management of knowledge. Moreover, it is also your one-stop choice to augment scalability and mobile CRM access.

You would also have access to enumerated reports which illustrates the sales of your company in a certain time period. NetSuite CRM also provides you with huge capabilities for case management. NetSuite CRM is high in demand across various companies as they want to ensure that their customers are satisfied with the type of services they are providing.

In other words, NetSuite CRM is a trusted platform for a large number of business entities as it can withstand the current trends of the market.

So as you can see, you would benefit a lot by opting for NetSuite ERP rather than CRM. It is because when you opt for NetSuite ERP, you would be able to access all the four software products as mentioned above. This would help to streamline your business processes to a great extent. On the contrary, NetSuite CRM is a single module which would only take care of your customers. But if you want to enhance your business processes, then NetSuite ERP is the most ideal solution.


We live in a highly competitive world where every business has a fair chance. With NetSuite ERP, you would be able to streamline the full business processes. With integrated capabilities, there is no doubt that you can take your business to the heights of success. However, you would need specialized help to move to NetSuite. The NetSuite consultants would help you with the smooth transition to ensure that you retain the same competitive edge. They usually create and publish dashboards for groups of users located in different areas of your business.

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  1. ERP and CRM both has it’s own pros and cons. I admire the way you explained both parties without getting too bias on the other one. Another well-written and information packed content from you guys! Keep it up..


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