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iProVPN: A Review for the Non-techies


iProVPN Review

All regular citizens of the digital world have heard of VPNs in some context or the other. If you’re here, then the chances are that you already have some knowledge about VPNs and are in the market to subscribe to one that’s the best and is worth your time and money. You have come to the apt place because the advancement of technology hasn’t only led to innovations and product diversity but has also given cyber-criminals more ways to intrude your personal space and hack sensitive data and use it for criminal activities, which means using a VPN is mandatory for everyone who roams the internet.

A VPN keeps you safe from online predators and makes sure that no one is able to track your activity or keep records of sensitive information not meant for unknown eyes. In this review, we’ll be going through what iProVPN has to offer as the latest VPN in the market and whether it suits your speed and privacy requirements.

iProVPN: A Summation Of Its Best Features

iProVPN is a British Virgin Islands-based VPN; this says a lot about the kind of privacy it provides to its users. Since it is not required by law to keep track of user information, you can take comfort in the fact that its privacy policy has a strict standard when it comes to the data of its subscribers.

In addition to providing you with optimal privacy, it also offers a stable and deep communication link between the user and the private network. Their foundation is built on the promise that none of your record or data is saved or seen by anyone, even their own employees.

iProVPN uses the standard encryption of 256-bit AES encryption, a standard that offers military-grade security, which means peace of mind as you and your family go about your daily activities on the internet. It also offers access to geo-restricted websites with fast streaming speeds with little to no buffering owing to its unlimited bandwidth.

So at a glance, iProVPN is offering everything one looks for in a VPN. We have covered other attributes of this VPN service in the later sections.

Features of iProVPN

Luckily iProVPN operates under the best encryption that is secure and runs your data through a tunnel that is safe from prying eyes. While this is the core feature that speaks volumes about security, here are other things you will find in iProVPN:


iProVPN provides its users with the following protocols:

  • IKEv2
  • IPSec
  • OpenVPN
  • L2TP

Users can also choose to switch between different protocols depending upon their preferred internet activity.


iProVPN has got its 150+ servers spread in 20 distinct regions of the world, with multiple ones for high-traffic areas like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia. For users who do not have a specific location requirement, yet want higher speeds can choose ‘Smart Connect’ where the VPN app itself picks the best server for the user keeping in view the distance, latency, downtimes, and similar parameters. The overall infrastructure is enough to quench the torrenting, streaming, binge-watching, and online gaming needs.

Advanced Built-in Features

There are also other advanced features apart from encryption and protocols that make iProVPN the obvious choice when compared to other VPN services.

  • Split tunneling: this feature is available on iOS and Android apps since it is still new and under construction.
  • Kill switch: with this switch, you are always under a protective shield since it disconnects with the internet in case the VPN is interrupted.

Other Features Include

  • Malware protection from malicious domains
  • Ad-blocker to get rid of annoying ads
  • DNS/IP leak protection to preserve the privacy of your data in case of lost VPN connections
  • Unlimited bandwidth that bypasses ISP throttling, allowing you to experience seamless non-stop streaming

No Data Logging Policy

So we know it is located in a privacy-friendly region and has some incredible security features. But does it log any user data?

After thoroughly vetting the official iProVPN website and other details, it is safe to say that it has a strict no-log policy. It does collect email, but those are used for billing purposes only. Any other information can remain anonymous, which is ideal for people who prioritize their privacy above all else.

The policy clearly states that they only collect

  • email IDS for registration of an account and password recovery
  • payment information to proceed with service provision

They further use the email ID for electric communication: notifying the user about their billing schedules or new offers, products, and services. It does not collect user time stamps, duration of VPN connections or websites visited by a registered user.

Dedicated Browser Extensions and Applications

A VPN earns brownie points for every device it’s compatible with, and here iProVPN takes the cake. Users are simultaneously on many devices, which means that privacy is required on more than one device, so the VPN chosen should support numerous operating systems and allow multi-device connections.

iProVPN supports the following devices and offers apps for:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • Smart TVs
  • FireTVstick
  • Chrome and Firefox browser extensions
  • Routers
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox
  • PS4
  • Roku
  • Gaming consoles and more

It is able to connect to up to 10 devices at a time, which means that a single subscription can keep all your devices and the entire family safe and offer a pleasurable online experience. Also, 10 connections with 1 account is a thing of iProVPN only as of now, a number higher than the industry standard of 5-6.

As mentioned earlier, the ‘smart connect’ option that directs you to the nearest and fastest server is definitely a plus merely to reduce frustrating internet connections.

Is iProVPN affordable?

iProVPN is a lot more affordable than other VPN services and has three subscription plans.

  • Free monthly trial with $10/month after that.
  • $2.9/month for the one-year plan.
  • $2.1/month for the two-year plan

iProVPN Refund Policy

When looking at the packages, you will receive a month of free trial, after which you will be billed $10 per month for the VPN services. Many services do not have this option which makes iProVPN the most desirable option.

There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee and you can choose to reduce the monthly cost after buying a one-year or two-year plan. The best deal you get is with the two-year plan, which takes 80% off of the regular monthly prices.

The Bottomline

iProVPN holds all the solutions to your streaming and security concerns and at prices that are more than reasonable. As a consumer-side VPN, it is providing everything you would expect from other brands, while in few cases, it does a lot more than average VPNs would do. If you would like to exercise your online freedom with a VPN brand that would actually commit to user privacy, iProVPN can be your safest bet.


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