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Influencing Tools for Business Owners and Why They Are a Must


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If you sell something, you must be sure of two things. First: you sell with profit, for more money than you have spent on your stuff. Second: buyers keep coming. To grant the latter, you need to be an influencer, combining advertisement and other marketing tricks. With, these methods are easier than ever.

The More Influencers the Better

To become an influential brand, you can rely on other influencers. But to deal with them, you need to contact them first. You have to find their emails or social media profiles where you can DM them. There is a wide array of tools for that:

  • AeroLeads
  • GetProspect
  • GroupHigh
  • Hunter
  • RocketReach

and others. There are tools that let you track entire professional networks on various social media, like With these, you will be able to reach almost any professional or blogger in seconds. Very few of them hide; many more do their thing to monetize fame and recognizability, so they are readier to contact than you might suppose.

Automate Your Routine

As you perform your daily tasks, you always think of automating them.Social media influence can be automated, too. Specialized planners and automation managers can make your routine less dull and more creative. It’s important in any business, and in sales, where you need to be inventive and alert, it’s probably the most crucial. Don’t waste your energy on routine work, save it for something special, even if it comes every day. Instead, trust Hubspot Sales and similar tools with your repetitive or recurring operations.

Rating Is Everything

How can you improve your social media campaign if you don’t get any feedback or can’t have it processed? There are specialized tools for making conclusions from your actions, like Onalytica or Prospect, that also include campaign planning and analyzing the results you get. SimilarWeb is the service that compares your website traffic to similar sites and indicates if there’s something wrong with your sales. In the long term, these are the tools that you’ll need to pay the most attention to.

Finally, Sell!

And when it comes to selling your goods, you need to contact your customers directly. As your public image is already shaped, it is better to build your communication. Tools you’ll need for that include QuickMail, the one that lets you address your customers and inform them about what you have in store. (a.k.a. Overloop) is the tool for building sales pipelines. If you prefer versatile tools, there is Streak, an ultimate service for business process management that integrates with your Gmail account (and thus Google Calendar, Google Documents, etc.)

Unfurling the Sales

Of course, the product should come first, or you’ll have nothing to sell. But it’s not enough to find your niche and get your warehouses packed. With Riselane, you’ll have a whole lot of tools that’ll help in your marketing advancement.

What do you think about these tools? Have you used them, or any similar ones? Were they of any use, and of which exactly? Let’s talk about it in the comments!


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