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How Weather Affects Ethernet Cable Service


There’s no perfect solution to internet services. No single option outperforms the others in every single aspect. People often take sides over whether they’re loyal to wireless or cable internet, yet both have their own shortcomings to some extent.

Ethernet cables are typically the stronger choice to go with when it comes to reliability. Still, they’re not invulnerable to damage. So let’s discuss how weather affects Ethernet cable service so that you can better prevent service outages.

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It’s no mystery that the weather is a powerful force that can affect many things, but we often forget that it can even impact our internet service. Extreme temperature spikes—both hot and cold—have equally dangerous effects on a broadband connection.

What usually happens is that the outer sheathing breaks down and even melts away if exposed to extreme heat long enough. This can drastically slow down your connection speeds, causing slow service or stopping it altogether, depending on the intensity of the temperatures and how long the cables have remained exposed. With the extreme cold, your concern should be about the frost snapping the line or condensed ice impeding the line, which affects the connection.


This may be one of your greatest concerns, and manufacturers take every measure to keep Ethernet cables watertight. Much of the reason for the sheathing and the connectors is to keep the inner wires from the elements. Moisture is key problem in this instance. Rain and humidity can cause bandwidth slowing and even outages.


No one likes to think about the potential of lightning, but it can strike at any time and any place. Like the rain, it too can cause outages, but they can be more severe. Power outages from lightning can cause whole areas to go without service and energy, not just individual households. There’s also the potential for lightning to strike ethernet cables, which makes it extra dangerous and unfortunate.

When we take a closer look at how weather affects Ethernet cable service, we find just how serious it can be. You want to invest in a strong cable that you know will endure any storm. Additionally, you should take measures to shield it from direct outdoor exposure if you can.


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