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How To Take Quality Product Photos


How To Take Quality Product Photos

A well-thought-out, high-quality photo shoot can do wonders for the sale of one of your products. This is true for both major companies who are marketing their mass-produced products and casual sellers trying to earn some extra cash by selling clothing on eBay. Here’s how to take quality product photos to successfully market your products.

Gather Your Equipment

In order to take quality product photos, you’ll need to have the right photography equipment. A camera is a must—photos taken with a traditional camera will usually be of higher quality, but for casual sellers or small businesses, a good smartphone camera will do the trick. It’s helpful to also invest in a tripod or camera rig to keep your camera steady during photography.

Choose the Right Background

A neutral, professional background can make all the difference in product photography. Instead of simply photographing your product on the nearest flat surface in your home or office, set it up on a clean, white background. This will remove any distracting elements from the picture and help the customer to focus solely on the product.

Perfect Your Lighting

When photographing your product, be sure to light it well to make the product look more natural and compelling. If you have access to good natural lighting somewhere in your building, like next to a window, try photographing in that light. If you are shooting indoors and have a lighting kit, set up that lighting in a way that imitates natural light.

Create an Appealing Setup

When photographing your product, create a visually appealing setup that will make it look as good as possible. In addition to taking photos from all angles, try creating a setup like a flat lay that will display your product in an everyday context with other items. This will give potential buyers another perspective on that product and some idea of how it could be used.

If you ever use product photography within your business, learning how to take quality product photos will help you to attract more buyers and professionalize your product. This, in turn, will help your business to succeed overall.


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