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How to Beat Amazon at the Same-Day Delivery?


In today’s time, E-commerce is full of competitive scenarios. In this, Amazon is holding the first position and other companies want to beat it. All are adopting the best route planning app for making the delivery faster. Amazon is known for its best customer service. In addition to this, it also introduces the same-day delivery concept. This makes this market more competitive.

Best route planning app for making the delivery faster.

Amazon is a big industry and one wishes to beat it, there is a need to follow a creative path. No doubt, Amazon’s strategy is smart. It follows the best route optimization for delivery tracking. In the one-day delivery concept, it follows the same.

Are you an owner of an E-commerce company and want to beat Amazon? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here you will know the important factors which are like a boon for same-day delivery.

Factors for same day delivery:

Smaller warehouse:

There are small warehouses of Amazon near the customer’s location. All these warehouses fill the demand-supply. This makes a successful same-day delivery. But this alone is not enough. There is a big role of route optimization for last-mile operations.


Amazon follows good planning to deliver the product. Any online retailer knows which item is in high demand. The item is stored as per the customer’s demand. This makes one-day delivery fast. The planning to deliver the item is all based on the latest marketing strategy.

Include the last mile route optimization solution in the delivery network. This will polish your strategy to a greater level.

Adding Technology:

Technology is the most important factor which makes the e-commerce company follow. The same applies to Amazon’s concept. The last-mile delivery optimization software makes the same-day delivery robust.

Delivering through drone is another step which gives same-day delivery new wings. It saves time and working load on manpower.

Strong inventory:

There is a need for a strong inventory process in the same day delivery. The online process is playing a vital role in this scenario. Keep a strong eye on incoming and outgoing items. The customer will never deceive or order for an item which is out of stock.

A nearby store:

For any online retailing firm, the shipping affects the cost. The nearby store not only makes the one-day delivery successful but also cost-effective for the retailer. Implementing route optimization for last-mile operations of the strategy helps in making the delivery faster. But for this, the store must be in a prime area in a populated city.

Merits of same-day delivery:

  • Building strong customer relationship
  • Cut down the shipping cost
  • Increment of the efficiency
  • Build up the loyalty of the consumer

Challenges in one-day delivery:

Same day delivery sounds good. On one side it has many benefits, but on the other side is also reflected on the demerits. One of the biggest challenges is the cost. If the service is not correct, it will ruin your profit. This will cost you an arm and a leg.

The other challenge is proper to follow up on technology. A wrong route planning and real-time delivery tracking could bring you down. So, it is important to select the best technological concept.


Reputed companies like Amazon and Walmart are on the path to offer the best service. Along with the master plan, they also follow the technological concepts. E.g. real-time delivery tracking system is like a pillar for an e-commerce company. All you need to think 360 degrees to beat your competitor.

Author’s Bio

Noman Shaikh

Noman Shaikh is a Digital Marketing Head at Fixlastmile which is known for developing top-notch last mile delivery System. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.


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