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Hottest B2B Content Marketing Trends and Statistics in 2019


Technology is evolving at an extremely quick rate and as marketers or entrepreneurs, this implies you continually should know about the most recent changes, trends and be ready for change at any moment. Audience’s preferences keep on changing continuously just like technology. With regards to content marketing, it’s important to remain over these things if you’re want to have a genuine effect with your content and get results.

Content marketing in the B2B segment has turned into a huge field with a wide range of kinds of content being produced. Everything from blog entries to eBooks to case studies can be utilized by a B2B organization to contact targeted audience in order to attract them to their offer, and convert them into deals. Contentualize shows the importance of B2B content marketing strategies, they have been fuelling the B2B areas with its preeminent effect and huge development of returns on investment.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the act of contacting influencers inside your market and working together with them to support your brand awareness. These people are industry or item specialists who have huge social networking systems with whom they communicate on regular basis. Ordinarily, you can find influencers on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or other social media channels. Influencer marketing tasks can help you drive traffic to your website, create more leads, as well as helping you make more deals and procure new clients for your business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing refers to promoting your business by the means of electronic mails. It is used to develop connection with potential clients, keep current clients educated and updated about your brand. Indeed, 94% of Internet clients use email. Accordingly, marketing through email enables you to achieve a lot of clients regardless of whether they are available on the social media channels or not. Besides, a study found that a shocking 75% of adult online user’s say that email marketing is really their desired advertising strategy.

Audio/Visual Content

In the present age having a full-blown content marketing campaign, focusing on visual content is the best approach. Marketing studies have appeared visual resources like photographs, recordings, infographics, and so forth are the centre to how a marking story is conveyed to the targeted audience. So as to ensure that the group of viewers consumes your message totally, you should exploit the visual content. In fact, individuals process visuals multiple times quicker than plain content, making visual substance much more popular than textual information. Subsequently, highly visual content is linked to and spread all the more frequently and this makes it rank higher in Google.

 Social Media

Social media marketing is focused around supporting connections to build loyalty and brand reputation. Social media can be utilized as a B2B client feedback program so as to all the more likely understand the necessities of prospects, leads, clients and supporters. Social media platforms can be utilized to teach purchasers and help them better understand the components playing a role in their choices. This education procedure builds trust.

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