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Guide to Install Indoor Fiber Optic Cables!


Installing a fiber optic cable is very similar to installing an ordinary copper cable with slight differences and changes. Improving the speed and accuracy of data transfer is an important condition for saving time. Fiber optic cables technology is currently synonymous with the communications industry, with efficiency and superior data transfer.

let’s have a look at the following guide to install indoor fiber optic cables

Fiber optic cable installation requires an understanding of the various risk factors that can affect the performance of communication channels. There are many tips for installing various types of fiber optic cables, like single-mode fibers, multimode fibers, and plastic fibers.

One of the serious limitations in the use of fiber optic cables is the need for a special, careful attitude of their laying, cutting, connection and termination. All these elements are necessary for the technical process of installing a cable line.

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However, let’s have a look at the following guide to install indoor fiber optic cables:

Correctly Assess the Geography

The most important thing in cable installation is to correctly assess the geography of the location of the fiber optic cable since it is necessary to determine the risk factors during the installation and operation of the line.

A thorough examination of the area should be carried out and physical problems, such as high temperatures, should be checked. Identify what may cause problems in operation and installation. It may be necessary to repair certain sections along the line.

Study the Necessary Norms

If the cable has metal parts, make sure that it is not installed in the immediate vicinity of the power cables. In addition, do not ignore state rules, follow the code for their installation. Do not be lazy, study the necessary norms of construction law. This will help you avoid unnecessary conversation.

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Apply Collective Effort

The stretch of fiber optic cables on a large scale requires a collective effort. Everything needs to be planned to the smallest detail.

Each member of the team should be responsible for the specific functions separated by him so that at the later stages of the work there will not be a mess. Attaching and positioning intermediate access points is also an important consideration to consider when installing fiber optic cables.

Limit the Minimum Bending Radius

What should be a minimum bending radius of a fiber optic cable? Every fiber optic cable is equipped with a specification for it; this is considered an important an important parameter for installing fiber optic cables. The minimum bending radius before and after laying the cable must be maintained in accordance with the specification.

You can make a curve with a smoother transition but the bend should not be less than the specified minimum bend radius of the cable. If you bend the beam fiber optic cable with a radius less than the minimum bending radius of the cable, the cable may be damaged. This will lead to the attenuation of the signal. Therefore, it is recommended that do not stretch the cable.

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Laying and Cutting Fiber Optic Cable

To successfully accomplish these tasks, a whole set of mounting devices has been created like cable stockings and grips, electric and hydraulic traction winches with electronic control and force limiter, as well as protective devices.

Since the optical fiber is sensitive to axial and radial deformations, the fiber optic cables have them in larger quantities than the copper core. This applies not only to cables for external installation, but also those designed for installation in buildings. Thin steel or aluminium corrugated foil is a single or double optical fiber in a buffer coating with one/two protective layers of polymer insulation.

Work Splicing

Splicing a cable is no less difficult operation than its termination. In addition, it has to be performed much more often. Firstly, it is necessary for a long line or on a difficult route, when the cable consists of several segments. Secondly, instead of mounting the connector, it is easier to merge the cable with a pre-made length of mini-cable on which the connector is mounted on one side in the factory.

Two such segments can be made by cutting in half a patch cord of suitable length. After splicing, sleeves and splice are placed in trays, couplings or boxes for extra protection. Tweezers and scapulas are enough for this. The latter is also used for fiber separation during cable cutting.

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Wrapping Up!

After the underground electrical cable installation process is completed, it is recommended to make sure that the average residual stress on the cable is less than the allowable tension value. For vertical cable installation, use tight holders. The main application for the installation of optical fiber has received the technique of welded joints. It provides the highest rates to minimize insertion loss, as well as mechanical characteristics and reliability.

And despite the fact that mechanical and detachable optical connectors have a cost that is only an order of magnitude higher than the cost of a welded optical fiber. In  addition, the installation tool is required inexpensive in terms of reliability they are significantly inferior to the welded joint.

That is why mechanical connectors are mainly used in emergency recovery work and in local optical networks, and detachable optical connectors are used exclusively for terminating fibers.

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