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Different Ways To Improve Your Data Center’s Performance


If you run a data center, you’re already well aware of how much of a challenge they can be. When it comes time to make some upgrades, that process will be even more difficult. Fortunately for you, we’ve put together a list of some different ways to improve your data center’s performance, whether it’s in terms of raw power or ease of use. We’re sure these methods will be quite useful if you choose to implement them.

Actively Search for Zombie Servers

A common problem in many data centers is zombie servers, which suck up a lot of power and give virtually no benefits. That’s why you need to set time aside every so often to actively search for these. Because they’re so outdated, the best thing to do when you find one is to turn it off immediately. All it’s doing is wasting resources.

After you have found and shut down the culprits, you can start the process of purchasing replacements. Just make sure you find highly optimized ones that won’t slow down your overall output.

Optimize Your Space

Sometimes, the waste of power and other resources comes from the lack of optimization. This is most prevalent in cooling systems. The hotter a system runs, the less effective it will be. That’s what leads to data centers installing an overabundance of coolers and fans. While the efficiency of your machines will be much higher, the amount of power usage will go up as well, adding to your overall costs. If you organize your servers in a way that cuts down on the number of cooling systems needed, it will save you a lot of money on your electrical bill.

Another way to optimize is on space. Our previous point talking about zombie servers could go another route. If you have enough servers that aren’t helping with any of your processes but you are still maintaining a consistent output, you might not have to replace them at all. Instead, you can remove them and use that space for other purposes or even downsize to a smaller, cheaper location.

Make Access for Employees Easier

One final way to improve your data center’s performance is to reduce the amount of time it takes for employees to respond to issues and fix them. Some bottom-line solutions for this are hiring more experienced workers or increasing the amount of training they receive. But if your systems aren’t set up cohesively, even the best techs will struggle.

That’s why you’ll probably need to change things around to make it more easily accessible for your employees. A perfect example of this is installing raised floors. They work the same way as lowered ceilings, except they are on the ground. There are many benefits to having these in your data center, but by far, the best reason is the fact that they are easier to access. No longer will you need a ladder to reach all your servers’ vital cables. Even though it might take some time to install them properly, your employees will thank you in the end.


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