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Different Signs You Need a New HDMI Cable


An HDMI cable is a super flexible piece of equipment that many individuals utilize for work and play. Whether you’re using an HDMI cord to have an additional monitor for gaming or company projects, it must be in good condition to perform well. If you’re wondering whether your cable needs an upgrade, there are a few telltale indicators to look out for. Explore the different signs you need a new HDMI cable to avoid exacerbating any issues in your computer or entertainment setup.

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You Struggle To Get a Clear Picture

An HDMI cable that’s in good condition will provide a crisp image without fail. On the other hand, a cable with skewed prongs in its connector or damaged wires is going to struggle to provide you with HD video.

Wavering video doesn’t make for a fun watch party. If you notice that your image appears fuzzy, lags, or becomes faded, it’s likely time to replace your HDMI cable.

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Do the colors onscreen appear askew? Your eyes probably aren’t deceiving you; your HDMI cord has simply run its course! When the colors on your TV seem off, it’s time to upgrade your HDMI cable.

Many folks fret when they initially notice discoloration, afraid that their TV might be the thing that’s acting up. Invest in a high-quality HDMI cord before jumping to any conclusions and tossing your flatscreen TV to the curb.

Faulty Sound

Another different sign you need a new HDMI cable to be privy to is faulty sound. The aggravating experience of having audio cut in and out is a strong indicator that you need a new HDMI cable. Being unable to get any sound at all is another telltale symptom of a cord that needs updating.

Something To Keep In Mind

If this is the first time you’re replacing your HDMI cord in a while, don’t just default to purchasing the same cable as before. Consider the various HDMI cable types and their uses to ensure you’re replacing your old cord for one that fulfills your operational needs optimally. By carefully selecting your next HDMI cable, you can be sure to choose one that lasts a long time.

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