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Considerations for Data Center Design


Considerations for Data Center Design

Investing in infrastructure is always risky for growing companies, and building an on-site data center is no different. But this option is often more advantageous than other data storage solutions. A dedicated data center eliminates the high costs of renting space elsewhere. Additionally, sensitive data is more secure. Environmental factors are also within your control, as you are able to dispose of equipment correctly and keep the power wattage within regulations.

To reap these advantages, however, you must design your in-house data center appropriately. Otherwise, your ROI could be delayed or even non-existent. Here are key considerations for data center design.

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Power and Cooling Strategy

Mismanaging the cooling of your data center can result in sky-high power costs. If you execute the cooling strategy correctly, you shouldn’t exceed 55 percent of your energy costs, with the ideal percentage hovering near 30 percent.

A successful power and cooling strategy for your data center needs to offer the ability to adjust cooling as you expand and should also have proper containment. It is always possible to improve your data center climate later, but carefully planning your data center at the start is the best way to ensure a timely ROI.


To maintain an efficient data center, you need to have a consistent workflow. Employing business practices and standards that are transparent and auditable keeps data accountable. Some more specific considerations for data center design include:

  • Automation – Automating as many operating functions as possible will help cut costs and maintain consistency. Automation is possible at all stages of data center management, from discovery to integration.
  • Analytics – To stay ahead of capacity needs as your company’s data increases, you need reliable reporting. Implementing analytics avoids any problems with dwindling space or power capabilities.
  • Integration – Synchronizing with other departments allows all departments to reach data effortlessly. Integrating with all areas of business can dramatically increase efficiency within your growing company.

Taking extra time during the design stage of your data center can seem costly initially, but careful planning will improve the function and maintenance of your data center. We are growing more and more dependent on digital infrastructure with each passing day. Investing in the future of your company today will prove beneficial tomorrow.


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