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Common Events That Can Put Your Data at Risk


The collection and dissemination of information as data powers modern businesses. With such insights, decision-makers can make snap judgments and stay competitive in an ever-expanding market.

Protecting data is essential for keeping operations on track. Here are a few common events that can put your data at risk.

Malicious Attacks

Business leaders must be constantly vigilant when it comes to their data. If malicious actors get their hands on vulnerable information, they can leverage it to make demands or force payment. Attacks ranging from denial of service to ransomware are challenging to deal with once successful.

The best solution is to be proactive and have a strict data security policy that everyone in the company must follow. Strong credential management, updated software, and the latest hardware will ensure your company continues to operate no matter what.

Data Loss

Loss or destruction is another common problem that can put your data at risk. If important information is deleted without being backed up, it’s often gone for good. A robust data management policy is essential for companies that want to protect themselves from liabilities associated with data loss.

Hardware failures, corrupted drives, and inclement weather can all be attributed to lost data. Use these tips on protecting your data center during severe weather to ensure your infrastructure can withstand a worst-case scenario. Being prepared is the best way to protect yourself if an incident occurs.

User Error

Even if you do everything possible to protect your data, it’s still managed by humans, who can easily make mistakes and cause errors in the system. Weak password management, unclear policies, and mishandling of information can all lead to lost or corrupted data.

Training employees to understand the importance of good data management is an essential step toward reducing the risks of data loss. Workers should be current on the latest social engineering practices and basic cybersecurity protocols so they don’t give access to unauthorized individuals.

Build a Better Data Management Policy

Most businesses today rely on data of some sort to streamline operations and provide better service to their clients. However, it’s essential to protect it at all costs.

There are many common events that can put your data at risk. Learning about what you can do to prevent them will ensure your customers and IP stay safe.


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