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LTE in Latin America

LTE in Saba

LTE in Saba CountryOperator/Network NameHSPA (104)HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band)SabaSatelIn Service    

LTE in St. Kitts & Nevis

St. Kitts & Nevis CountryOperator/Network NameHSPA (104)HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band)St. Kitts & NevisC&W/LIME St. Kitts & NevisIn ServiceOct-1221Mbps  St. Kitts & NevisDigicel St. Kitts &...

LTE in St. Lucia

St. Lucia CountryOperator/Network NameHSPA (104)HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band) St. LuciaCable & Wireless St. Lucia / LIMEIn ServiceJul-1321Mbps  

LTE in Vincent and Grenadines

Vincent and Grenadines CountryOperator/Network NameHSPA (104)HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band) St. Vincent & Gren.C&W/LIME St. Vincent & GrenadinesPlanned    

LTE in Suriname

Suriname CountryOperator/Network NameHSPA (104)HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band) SurinameDigicel SurinameIn ServiceApr-1421Mbps  SurinameUNIQAIn Service 2011    

LTE in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago TSTT LTE In Service ---No LTE -No LTE-A -- Digicel Trinidad & Tobago LTE In Service- PlannedLTE-NOLTE-A --

LTE in Turks & Caicos

Turks & Caicos C&W/LIME Turks & Caicos LTE in Service - PlannedLTE-PlannedLTE-A-- Digicel Turks & Caicos LTE in Service-PlannedLTE- LTE-700LTE- A--- Islandcom LTE In Service-PlannedLTE- LTE-700LTE-A --

LTE in Uruguay

Uruguay Antel/Ancel LTE In Service Dec 2011LTE- LTE 1700/2100 Claro Uruguay LTE- In Service Feb 2014LTE- LTE 1700/2100 Dedicado (WiMAX) LTE in Service- PlannedLTE- LTE-3500 TDD Movistar Uruguay LTE in Service -...

LTE in US Virgin Islands

US Virgin Islands AT&T Mobility LTE In Service- July 2013LTE- LTE 1700/2100 (17)LTE-A ----Sprint LTE In Service April 2013LTE- LTE 1900 (25)LTE-A ---

LTE in Venezuela

Venezuela Digitel LTE LTE-1800 (2)LTE In Service Sept 2013 LTE-1800 (2) MovilnetLTE - Planned 2014- LTE-1900 (2) Movistar VenezuelaLTE Planned 2014 LTE-2100 Movilmax (WiMAX) LTE - Planned LTE-2600
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