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Biometric Identification – How they are more than Just Fingerprints


Using traditional passwords and PIN for phone and online security has become a thing of the past. Today organizations are transitioning towards biometric authentication systems for stronger security. Using unique physical traits of humans, such as fingerprints, facial features, iris scanning, retina scanning, ear acoustic, voice recognition, etc. an identity can be verified.

Various industries are using this technology for controlled access over confidential databases. From the education sector to the travel industry and finance to the IT industry, biometric technology is harnessed.

After the popularity of biometrics in various platforms, now it is gaining grounds in digital payment systems. For secure digital payments, GooglePay has now introduced facial recognition that verifies the identity and then allows the operations to proceed.

A biometric identification based payment card is available that has embedded all the information about individuals and help in identification without any hassle. Also, this information is not accessible to the public, hence security remains intact.

Online businesses are implementing Biometric Authentication System to combat online fraud and unauthorized access to databases containing organizational and customer’s information.

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Scope of Biometric Security Systems

Banks and financial institutions are the first ones to use biometric fingerprints to identify and authenticate and identity. But now, the scope has extended to many other platforms and with different biometrics.

Airports are using facial recognition technology to authenticate customers at the time of boarding to reduce the risks of fraud and to speed up the process. Similarly online businesses especially e-commerce stores are taking in place biometric identification before checkout to make sure that the right person is making transactions and no fraudulent entity is involved in it.

A large number of online frauds take place as a result of unauthorized access and leads to data breaches, identity theft account takeover and many other frauds. In 2018, about 21.8 billion USD Dollars was the revenue of the global biometrics market. Whereas alone mobile biometric technology earned 20 billion USD Dollars.

Scope of Biometric Security Systems

Advantages of Biometrics

Following are the advantages of biometrics:

1. Convenient

Identity verification against unique biological characteristics helps individuals verify people in a hassle-free manner.  It is convenient for users to verify their identity before organizations and online businesses. In mere seconds, identity could be verified by capturing features in real-time.

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2. High-level Security

Biometric identifications provide an additional layer of security. It helps deter the risks of digital payment frauds, online frauds, cyberattacks and unauthorized access to confidential databases. This is a major advantage that helps reduce fraudulent activities such as shoulder surfing, card skimming, and chip switching.

3. Speedy process

PIN and Passwords authentication methods are time-taking and even frustrating for the users. Whereas, face verification do not ask users to manually enter the passwords. Based on biometrics, an identity can be verified in seconds. The advantage of a speedy process facilitates many industries to integrate biometric security systems.

4. Easy Enrollment

Initially, using biometric payment cards helps fetch information in an efficient manner. It is an easy process in which manual verification is not required and the system verifies all the information digitally. The user does not need to visit a bank physically or upload their biometric data to any database. They can simply enroll by placing a finger on a biometric card sensor.

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5. Improved User Experience

Using high-quality biometrics, such as image and clear voice or fingerprints, identity could be verified. This means that the user does not need to enter the personal information manually. The extracted biometric information makes it a convenient process. This is a reason that biometric identification methods are the most adaptable methods of identity verification worldwide.

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