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Benefits of Having a Remote Start on Your Car


There are plenty of decisions to make when buying a new car or customizing your current ride. One amenity that is more than worth the cost is adding a remote starter for your vehicle. These are the benefits of having a remote start on your car.

Warm It Up or Cool It Down

A remote starter lets you enjoy the temperature you desire the second you step into the car. During the winter, keep your heater on and start your vehicle by pressing the button even before stepping outside. You can have it on the cooler setting when summer rolls in, turning the interior into an icebox. Having an automatic starter should be a prerequisite for leather seats, especially when the heat index reaches three digits.

Increased Sense of Security

One of the finest features of a remote vehicle starter is that you can start the car without leaving the keys in it. It also makes driving in the winter with snow and ice on the windshield safer. All you have to do is set up the defrost beforehand, start the vehicle remotely, and let the thawing commence. Doing so erases the need for scraping your windows, or at least reduces the effort you’ll have to put into it.

Additionally, if you live, work, visit, or park in an area where you feel unsafe, firing up the engine on your walk over to your car can be a lifesaver. The ability to hop in your car and go without fumbling with your keys is a tremendous advantage.

Boost Resale Value

Installing a remote starter on your car is one of the simplest upgrades you can do when your goal is to sell the car. A remote auto-starting may boost your vehicle’s profit potential, primarily if you reside in a location with inclement weather. A technician can upgrade any car with a remote starter, which is well worth the investment for the resale potential alone.

Good for the Engine

Warming the engine causes the oil to heat up, improving the lubrication. In chilly weather, driving before heating the engine might be hazardous. Warming up older diesel cars and trucks is critical, so press the start button on the remote control to heat the engine before departing.

You’ve probably heard the sounds your vehicle emits when you fire it up in the cold. Although you can drive while it’s cold, the engine sounds a lot better once it’s warmed up. This is your car’s way of stretching before working out. Without warming up your engine, there may be a negative impact.

The benefits of having a remote start on your car outweigh the cons tenfold. It’s almost like flying first class on an airplane and trying to go back to economy seating. Once you have a car with a remote start, you can’t imagine one without it, so don’t hesitate to get one today.


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