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Analysing High Technology with Human Development – Pros and Cos


High Technology with Human Development – Pros and Cos

Technological advancements are revolutionising our personal and professional life in an unimaginative way to the people in 90s. We are dependent on it more than ever to live a normal lifestyle. Nevertheless, the changes in our lifestyle because of these advancements are not always positive.

We save a lot of time, energy, and achieve beyond the limits of humans’ natural strength. But for some, technology has made us all slave in a world where an internet breakdown is catastrophic. With all its benefits, we cannot ignore the drawbacks as they affect our daily lives.

To explain the situation’s complexity, we have mentioned some pros and cons of high technology on human development.

Pros of High Technology

The present world is the result of high technology that continues to evolve. Some believe we haven’t even scratched the surface of AI’s potential. We cannot predict the future, but here are the present pros of high technology in our life.

Increased Productivity

A significant reason to invest in the latest equipment in the market is because of the increase in productivity. Business wants to achieve more in the same shifts to increase profits. And the cutting-edge tech delivers it with the automation and improved speed.

On an individual level, we can now complete more tasks courtesy of the gadgets in our workspace. There is no time wasted on the tedious tasks with little to no impact on productivity. Businesses take out quick loans in Ireland to invest in technology and compete on a higher level.

Low Operational Cost

Efficiency is the driving factor for many innovations and advancements. Businesses don’t feel the need to hire a separate team to enter and manage data. Similar to it, many tasks are now allotted to the machines to reduce the operational cost.

Startups are relying on the technologies to survive without running out of cash. Even the small businesses are investing in it to compensate for the limited workforce. Also, the maintenance lower than the traditional heavy machinery.

Streamlined Processes

From communication to data management, modern technology has helped streamline the business processes. It is easier to manage the employees in the remote workplaces. The collaboration is easier than ever with cloud computing and real-time systems.

College education includes technology training related to the line of work. Organisations don’t have to spend a significant cost and time training the employees. The reduced complexity of tasks helps the employees perform better in terms of productivity and quality.

Comfort and Convenience

People invest in the latest gadgets to make their life more comfortable and convenient at home. You don’t have to move from your sofa to turn off the appliances in the kitchen. Everything is connected to a central device with the implementation of the Internet of Things in daily life.

The transport facility is also improving to make the travel faster, economical, and safe for everyone. There is no need to visit the banks or wait for months to get financial support. Lenders provide doorstep loans in Ireland without the need of leaving home.

Improved Lifestyle

Technology plays a vital role in almost every aspect of our life. It has improved the way we communicate, shop, and spend idle time. We save a lot of time and efforts on everyday tasks.

Not only the comfort, but it is also helping people to learn with a flexible schedule. Your lifestyle will improve with the knowledge gathered over time. And there is no need to pay for it as online education is inexpensive or free.

Cons of High Technology

High technology has indeed its benefit for the people who can afford it. We often ignore the negative impacts with the sole focus on its positives. Following are the significant drawbacks of technology advancement to human development –

Job Cuts

Automation provides job opportunity to people with a skill set to manage high technology. Nevertheless, some people have lost their job because they can never be as efficient as a computer. The jobs with manual and repetitive tasks are facing an existential crisis.

It is not easy for the people in the late stage of the career to adapt to an entirely new environment. Companies prefer to retire those people instead of investing in their training. It makes financial sense to hire some tech-savvy professional instead of training a bunch of old-timers.


Your smartphone notifications are one of the greatest distractions at work. The limitation in earlier time forced the people to work. Even a glance every 15 minutes cause a significant drop in productivity.


Many industries have flooded the environment with pollutants in the name of innovation. Industries are more in number to fulfil the human requirement for comfort. And the manufacturing process for these products includes leaving more smoke in the atmosphere.

The level of pollution is affecting the aquatic life at a concerning amount. The water consumption and waste disposal in water bodies have created irreversible damage in many places. However, the focus on sustainable development is increasing with efforts from some major companies.

Cyber Threat

All our devices, equipment, and appliances are connected to the internet. They have some critical data that can cause serious harm to our personal or professional life. Even the developers cannot assure complete safety from the malicious attempts of hackers.


To sum up, technology has played a pivotal role in human development from the age of industrialisation. It is continually evolving to make life more straightforward with a complex mechanism underneath. However, the cost is not limited to a financial transaction.


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