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A Pair of Headphones Today Keep Boredom and Distraction Away


Popular uses of headphones are as follows.

Do you ever get on public transport and feel like you do not belong? Sure, you may not be on the wrong bus or train, but your mind can grow more restless every passing second. One of the biggest and most effective escapes from reality in these situations is music. But then again, irrespective of whether you are consuming melody or audiovisual media, you need a device to guarantee that you are the only audience it has.

It can be because the said media is extremely personalized or merely something that will annoy a third party if broadcasted without warning, but headphones are individualistic gadgets that have the potential to veil you from the world and vice versa.

A realm of sound now and then, we feel the urge to immerse ourselves in distant worlds of a fantastical, historical, or futuristic setting. Web series are enough to satisfy that desire. Considering the blooming of streaming services today, even the quantity of shows is never depleted. Audiobooks, on the other hand, play with our minds and paint over our imagination with diction and enunciation. Some of the more popular uses of headphones are as follows.

● The perfect music for isolation

The desire to isolate oneself from everything and everyone is not as uncommon as one might think. Truth be told, more and more people are retreating into their comfort zones owing to the social distancing as a result of the pandemic. Tastes in music vary greatly all across, so while some prefer hip hop when alone, others may go for opera.

● Receiving calls in crowded places

Sometimes, the nature of a phone call is so serious that whole careers hang in the balance. In those scenarios, you are required by an obligation to receive it. If you are in a congested location with a lot of unwanted noise, headphones with a built-in unidirectional microphone can catch your voice clearly while filtering out the rest.

Depending on the nature of their operation, not all headphones are suitable to be used in every situation. Just like how bulky headphones are not recommended for crowded places, it is stupid to put on AirPods during mountain climbing.

The internet is a bountiful ground. If you need to look for specific models or aspects in your requirement, online shopping in UAE for your favorite headphone is never a bad idea.

The Different Categories of Headphones Available:

● In ears headphones

As the name suggests, in-ear headphones send the audio directly into your ears. This has its own set of both advantages and disadvantages. While easily portable, prolonged and repeated use without rest can damage your eardrums in the long run.

● Over the ears headphones

As opposed to in-ear headphones, over-the-ear ones are bigger. They comprise a thick headband and padded ear cups that cover the ears. They are preferred mostly by comfort seekers.

● On ears headphones

With headbands slightly thinner than over the ear, on-ear headphones are of a more compact design. Their ear cups are also smaller, making them an acquired taste. Additionally, they have an overall lower bass threshold.

● Noise-canceling headphones

The most popular feature of headphones in the market is noise cancellation. Not all headphones have it, due to their pricey nature, but those that do are earnestly sought after. The biggest drawback is their public use because filtering out car horns while walking the road can potentially lead to accidents.

Noise-canceling headphones

Another prevalent clash that often arises in the context of headphones is between the enthusiasts of wired and wireless headphones. While the former is relatively traditional, making its use widely preferred, the latter is easier to handle. Bluetooth wireless headphones are the current craze in the market.

Here’s a concise list of the top headphones:

1. Sony WH-1000XM4

Sony WH-1000XM4

Supporting Bluetooth functionality, the Sony WH-1000XM4 is arguably the most popular device in the market. The Dual Noise Sensor technology is what sets it apart. A steep upgrade from the Sony WH-1000XM3s, even the comfort factor has been cranked up. With a lowered frequency and sharper precision, the sound delivery is flawless. As for battery life, who can pass up a total of 30 hours, with just a 10-minute charging for every 5 hours?

2. Apple AirPods Max

Apple AirPods Max

Fancy yourself an Apple enthusiast? Well, you are in luck. The Apple AirPods Max is among the latest additions to the Apple roster. Though a bit on the expensive side like every other Apple product, the AirPods sport a high-end system of noise cancellation. Built to be durable but not meant for rough use, they are arguably worth their price. Though using them would no doubt mean giving up on all non-Apple products and Bluetooth above the standard 5.0.

3. Shure AONIC 3

Under the umbrella of in-ear headphones falls the Aonic 3. Though Shure products do not support Bluetooth connectivity, they can make up for it with other elements like sound balancing and the overall comfort factor. Calls are smooth and the ability to connect to MMCX accessories gives it a boost in its recommendation. That said, one of the recurring problems is that Apple products are often unsupported despite being marketed otherwise.

4. Cambridge Audio Melomania 1

Is your budget tugging at your wallet? Do you still want a sound experience that does not disappoint? Your days of worrying are over. We present to you Melomania 1, a surprisingly balanced device that offers a rhythmic experience and also supports Bluetooth connectivity. If you do not mind compromising on visual finesse, the Cambridge Audio series can deliver promising results that last as long as 45 hours.

5. Sennheiser Momentum 3 (Wireless)

One might argue that the Sennheiser draws the shorter stick because of its meager 17-hour battery life, but the Momentum 3 more than makes up for it with its flexibility in features. Even if you choose not to use the noise-canceling feature to prolong battery life, the natural noise isolation of the device almost covers it. Needless to say, they are quite comfortable as well.

All in all, the sound is an integral part of our lives, and headphones are the devices that channel and filter them to our tastes. Whether you are in a library listening to hard metal, or at the bath watching Rick and Morty on your iPad, it is your headphones that streamline them to you without interruption or external judgment.


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