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6 Web Design Campaign Trends to Look Out For in 2020:


If we take the example of a car, a web designer’s work is similar to the people dedicated to design the way the car looks from the outside and from the inside. Based on this a web designer’s concern is with how an application, software or a website looks and feels when the user is interacting with it.

So the tools of the trade for a designer are all aesthetic tools like Photoshop, Sketch, interface design tool or user experience tools. So it’s important for a web designer to know and use these tools to create astounding visuals that define the engine or the core of any platform that has the power to engage the consumer.

If we talk about businesses the first impression matters a lot, it is said that it does even take a complete second for the user to form an opinion about your website and first impressions are really hard to change. So it is the skill of a web designer to create experiences that fully align with the image that the consumer has about your business. Design teams in this regard have to perform appropriate research about the hot development trends that the consumer pays most attention to and how can these trends be used effectively and timely.

Like all the previous years, 2020 will also be an exciting year to pay attention to website trends. It is imperative that marketers stay on top of their game when using the latest trends, ensuring that the customers receive the most contemporary functional designs that have the ability to create an appeal for the mass audience.

With a lot going on in the digital world it becomes a struggle to figure out thing that will serve your purpose the best, so here are some of the most prevalent trends web designers can look into.

Big is what they want:

One trend that is dominating the design industry right now is the use of wide designs especially when you are designing for desktop. Bigger is considered better when web designers design visuals that the visitor clearly see, the clear the picture in the mind of the consumer the better the understanding towards your brand.

The philosophy here is that the consumer does not like to pay a lot of attention when looking for information or similar options online and when the information is displayed below the seeing scale it is very easy for the consumer to deviate away as it requires a lot of focus. So the key here is to design big so that the consumer does not have to pay a lot of attention to get the message of the brand.

Go Mobile:

At least half of the traffic that you get on your online portal is through mobile devices and keeping in consideration the level to which mobile technology is creating an impact going mobile is a sure shot way to capture more attention.

Creating designs keeping the mobile app development services in mind is a mandatory need for marketers right now. These days’ people use mobile devices more frequently than a laptop or a desktop to search for information online, so this platform should be one of the main concerns and we don’t see this trend dying anytime soon.

More Video Content:

Videos speak more loudly than images, we have seen how videos content has the power to get the message across with ease. Through social media and other platforms videos have a wider audience and are propagated with ease. The incorporation of video content on your website increases conversion rate, it has also become a trend that videos are the first thing a consumer should be viewing when he visits any website. Now with the tools and equipment available at your disposal video making and editing has become easy so why not use this as a chance to increase traffic and user engagement.

Go Minimal:

In the past we saw web designs that bombarded the user with information, there was so much information displayed at the landing page that really turned the visitor off. Now designers go for visually attractive but minimal designs to engage the customers. We see websites displaying only their logo or concise information with a hefty amount of blank spaces in between. This trend has really helped increasing user engagement as simplicity is what the users carve more.

Now menu bars and other similar options expand when the user point or interacts with them. With minimal designs there is also a feel of cleanliness and freshness that makes the user feel good when they are on a lading page.

Be More Personal:

With the advent and incorporation of AI marketers can now identify more niches inside a certain target market so that they can be more personal with the multiple types on consumers that are there. AI gives marketers the ability to create consumer classes and have strategies ready to cater to every type of niche that exists within the main consumer database. So now marketing campaigns don’t have to be pushy or should not only fulfill the purpose advertising but in essence it is about truly developing consumer trust by socially engaging with them.

Be More Interactive:

Consumer interaction is also an effective way in which your business can build consumer trust, remember that the consumer does business only when there is a good amount of trust developed. The inclusion of interactive questions that revolve around the concept of the customers giving out information about themselves has the real power for attraction. Marketers should understand that branding is not about the business itself but in essence it is based on the customer being at the center. When online portals include sections where the consumers can give any feedback or any personal information the consumer starts to rely on the business itself to give options that would address a certain need that they possess.

To take interaction to another level development teams are also including ChatBots that can effectively answer consumer quarries 24/7. Chatbots are interactive sections where the consumers can interact with the business and are powered by AI to give out information by sourcing data from anywhere around the world.


  1. Video is definitely the future, but I’m not sure I’d use it as an intrinsic part of your web design. If people are looking for information {eg. information about your business} they’re going to prefer text over video.


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