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5 ways your brand value can improve through IOT


In order for businesses to remain competitive in their sector, they need to be able to keep up to date with new technologies and adapt their business strategies. The internet of things (IoT) comes through as a great opportunity for modern businesses, but it is also a great challenge to embrace.

It will enable marketing specialists the opportunity to improve their brand awareness as they look to promote their products and services in new and innovative ways.

1. Better customer experience

What tends to separate great companies from good companies is their customer service skills and in the era of IoT, this is going to become more influential. Developing a strong customer service strategy will help differentiate you from the rest of your competition. For example, in the hospitality and retail industry, mobile apps have been created to allow customers to access unlockables and make additional purchases.

The key to better customer experience is to design your products to meet the needs of your users and making their life simpler.

2. Increased social media awareness

Another feature of IoT is actionable social media posts which can be music to the ears of many businesses and design agency. When a user uses an IoT device, it can create social media engagement automatically. So, say a user makes a large purchase through their IoT device, the sensor can detect this and automatically create a post through Twitter or Facebook. Permissions from the user to do this will obviously be required.

As a result, social engagement increases and your branding boosts through social media channels. Users can also use it to brag about interesting activities and occurrences happening in their lives, leading to large amounts of comments and discussions with friends and followers.

3. Showcase your marketing capabilities

When you create an innovative product that has incredible capabilities, it’ll be of no use unless it’s marketed correctly. This is where marketers can take advantage of IoT devices to express what’s so good about the product, particularly the features that it has.

Being able to update customers on personalised new features and offers is a great example of utilising IoT technology and helping the customer through marketing. Here are some examples of well-known companies using IoT to personalise their services for the user.

4. Functionality in real-time

As well as being innovative, IoT also works in real-time which means data keeps up to date and adapts to the customers needs when and as they need it. The technology knows exactly when there is something required by the user and reacts efficiently to cover the consumers needs and personal preferences. For example, Melita Coffee Maker can predict what coffee you like and serve it when you require it.

5. Notifications provided to customers

Considering how IoT technology works, it would only be right that your product can respond to your user’s requirements. This will help you to target consumers easier and make a big difference to their experience. For example, using an IoT air conditioner can provide notifications to the user when the temperature becomes too cold and they need to turn it down, or suggest a maintenance check for the product. Every little detail that’s thought of can provide a big difference for your users.

To summarise

Keeping up to date with the latest technologies can provide you with an advantage over the rest of your competition. It can provide you with innovative ways to reach out to your customers and market your products, with IoT being one of them.

Author’s Bio:

Natalie Wilson is a freelance writer for many different business publications. With a range of knowledge in the business sector, she is currently researching brand development and what makes brands unique. You can connect with her on Twitter @NatWilson976


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