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5 Ways Social Intranet Platforms Help Manage Remote Employees


Social Intranet Platforms Help Manage Remote Employees

Remote work is becoming the new norm in today’s industry. Several organizations are taking their businesses international to diversify their markets and increase revenue. As per a recent analysis by FlexJobs, over 44% growth in remote work has been noticed in the last five years.

However, the remote work culture is also leading to a problem: Managing employees. In the absence of the right collaboration tools, it becomes quite a challenge.

While there are many ways to collaborate with remote workers, social intranet platforms are among the most helpful tools organizations can have right now. Equipped with various kinds of easy-to-use features, intranet solutions allow businesses to collaborate with their remote employees, share information, and work together to achieve organizational objectives.

Using Social Intranet to Collaborate with Remote Employees

If used right, social intranet software can make remote working a streamlined and more effective process. The platform combines all the necessary tools to manage employees in different parts of the world. Below are some ways showing how a social intranet helps collaborate with remote workers.

1.   Employees can Communicate with Each Other & in Groups with Ease

Since everyone in an organization is using the company’s intranet software, they can chat with each other or in groups in just a few clicks. An intranet platform eliminates the need for email and messaging applications.

In essence, an intranet solution created to cater to all the needs of an organization takes conversations to the next level by allowing authorized members to stay connected over different devices.

2.   Employees can Share, Access Documents Online

A well-built software allows remote workers to save their files over a common network and share them among colleagues. Also, they can have quick access to files stored by other users to retrieve information required for a project.

Documents over the network can also be listed in an order that all the important files remain at the top of the list, which makes it easy for employees to quickly look for a document they need.

3.   Employees can Schedule Events and Share Calendars

Working remotely comes with its fair share of challenges, and one of them is getting employees together for meetings and conferences. Just because workers are miles away from each other does not mean they cannot attend meetings. Modern intranet platforms are collaborative solutions that bring people together on a common platform to schedule events and hold meetings.

Social intranet software works as a comprehensive scheduling platform to allow authorized members to schedule events in a manner they would like. They can insert thorough details to an event and add it to a calendar, which can be shared with other employees over the network.

4.   Employees can Create, Edit, Share Content

Content is an integral part of a modern organization. A company requires to produce high-quality and informative content regularly.  With a well-built social intranet platform, a company can encourage employees to create great content and share it with their seniors for editing. Here, users do not need to learn complex tools or codes. Once developed, content can be shared internally or externally.

5.   Employees can Collaborate for Projects

Intranet platforms as collaborative solutions allow authorized members of an organization to collaborate for projects, despite being miles away from each other. Managers can start a project, assign roles to team members, track progress, and give feedback.

An intranet platform offers a streamlined project management system to save time and energy throughout a project.


Social intranet platforms are effective, easy-to-use collaborative solutions that bring remote employees from different departments to a common area over a network. Equipped with useful features, these software tools allow authorized members to communicate, share information, and perform other activities to achieve common organizational goals.

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