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5 Ways Big Data Can Improve the Customer Experience


No matter how good a product or service is, the company behind it will not be successful unless they have good customer service practices and the customer enjoys their experience. Customer service and the overall experience is incredibly important to individuals and can make or break the success of a company.

There are a variety of different things that can offer a service improvement to customers. Anything from including a live chat function on your website to performing load testing frequently (learn here about load testing and how it can benefit you) can improve the experience your customer will have.

However, one of the single best ways to improve the customer experience is utilize big data analytics. These large data sets can be analyzed and can have a huge impact on customer experience. This article is going to take a look at 5 ways in particular that big data can improve customer experience.

It Can Offer a Personalized Experience

A “one size fits all” solution for customer service simply doesn’t work anymore. People prefer a more personalized experience and like to feel as if you are more than just a customer to them. If you can’t provide it, they will find a company that can.

In fact, a personalized customer experience is likely to increase the revenue of your company and also improve loyalty, which is very important when it comes to retaining customers. Big data helps make this a reality as analyzing the data can give you much more insight into the customers than ever before.

Save Customers a Lot of Time

With nearly half of the average Americans working 50+ hours a week, most people are incredibly busy trying to juggle work, a social life and their hobbies. As a result, they do not want to wait for a response to an issue they have with your product, company or service.

Big data can help you identify problem areas in your customer service and can help decrease response time, as well. The quicker you are able to resolve customer issues, the better their experience will be and the more likely they will talk about your company to others.

Offer Better Communication

Running a business is a two way street. You always need to be sure to communicate with your customers and ask them questions to ensure their needs are being met. By analyzing the data you get from the answers you can measure satisfaction, reasons for negative feedback loyalty metrics and many more.

Communication is not only important with customers, but also with employees. The more your employees are being told the goals and plans of the company, the better suited they will be to implement them to offer better service to customers. Make sure you’re using tools like Clockspot, Slack and other helpful tools which can improve the productivity and communication of your employees, which will in turn allow them to help others.

Define and Understand the Wants and Needs of Customers

One of the biggest benefits of large amounts of data is the type of insights it gives you into the wants, needs and behaviors of your customers. This data can be gathered from Q&As, social media posts, surveys, polls, purchase history and more.

Of course, being armed with all of this information can greatly assist you in providing better customer experience. By using big data, you can fine tune everything from your process to your product to ensure it is everything your customer needs and wants, basing it all on statistics and data.

Assist With Targeted Marketing

Marketing and advertising is nearly everywhere these days. In fact, you are likely seeing thousands of different ads each and every day, and likely don’t even know it. As a result, customers need their marketing to be targeted and personal.

They need you to illustrate easily and clearly why your business is the solution to their problem or the answer to their questions. Of course, big data can help you determine what sorts of marketing or ads is best for your market. By sending out high quality targeted ads, you can up the chance that your ad sticks out in their heads above the thousands of others they will see today.

Hopefully this article has helped you see the massive impact that big data can have on improving the customer experience.

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