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5 Things to Know About Working in the Gaming Industry Technology


Science and technology is a fast-evolving field, wherein what is trendy today can become outdated tomorrow. In this vast area of interest, the most exciting and thrilling industry that you can ever come across is probably the gaming industry. The developments in the fields of technology reflect profoundly in advancements made in gaming.  

Gaming Industry Technology
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Take mystery rooms Bangalore, for instance- the experiences they offer started originally with just lock-and-key gameplay. But with time, it evolved into movie-style escapes with immersive sets, unique themes, and high-tech props. As the pandemic took a toll on public entertainment industries all over the world, escape companies like Breakout came up with innovative ways to offer their experiences virtually, thus being able to dodge any financial crisis.  

If you are one who enjoys gaming, then you can comprehend how interesting and exciting it would be to work in the gaming industry. The industry is undoubtedly a widely innovative sector in today’s world and offers several work opportunities.  

The emergence of gaming consoles like the Microsoft Xbox, the Sony PlayStation, and several others has revolutionised the entire industry. With these brand-new gaming consoles in the market today, the boundaries of technology are being pushed even further as gamers continue to revel in this joy!   

What are the things that I should know about working in the gaming industry? 

A career in the gaming industry does not just entail playing games and championships but is rather far more diverse than one may perceive it to be. You can even become a Video Game Developer and start writing and debugging codes for various platforms. There is a wide spectrum of functions that come under the shadow of a video game developer, which you would then have to perform. But before you head on to making your career in the gaming industry, check out these few things:  

1. You can enter the industry at a very young age! 

Probably one of the best parts of working in the gaming industry, unlike anywhere else, is that you can enter the industry at an extremely young age. For people who cannot live without playing games on their favourite consoles, PCs, phones, or tablets, this is the place you would love to be! By working in the gaming industry, not only do you have a good time doing what you love to do, but you also get to learn so much about game designs.  

Even though a suitable degree in programming, developing, or designing can surely boost your CV, it is still the practical knowledge of games that matter the most. Companies are most likely to look for the knowledge gained by playing games with you, much rather than glancing through your CV.   

2. The amazing culture around which the gaming industry is centred 

Yet another fascinating part about working in the gaming industry is how you are always surrounded by like-minded people who share common interests. People working at companies like Riot, Blizzard, or even the Breakout Escape Rooms in Bangalore all share a common love for games! It is only natural that the gaming industry seeks to hire people who are inherently passionate about games and are all core gamers at heart.  

Take any gaming company, for instance, and you can see how it is filled with people who always manage to squeeze out some time to play games every day. It is because of this shared interest that people working in this industry can easily bond with each other without the need for any ice breaker. Additionally, the gaming industry also harbours a culture of unlimited creativity, innovation, and imagination.  

3. The workplace scenario – the good and the ugly sides 

The workplace in the gaming industry varies from one company to the other, as no two companies function in the same way. Some companies like Blizzard work more traditionally, with the user testing and user experience design being entirely left to the team to handle. However, there are also some companies like Twitch, which rely on iterative design processes and user testing methods.  

Networking in the gaming industry
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Most gaming companies are found to rely on the interdisciplinary nature of work to utilise the potential of each of their team members and their multifaceted talents. With several companies relying largely on a collective contribution of employees towards user experience, there isn’t yet much room for UX in games. But, one can still hope for this to change soon.  

However, the gaming industry still has its pitfalls, as gender inequalities, sexism, and harassment continue to be perpetrated, especially on women employees. Most well-known gaming companies in the world have been a victim of this over time. Many women ambassadors today are trying to struggle against this and make the gaming industry more inclusive and flexible to accommodate women.   

4. Sorting out priorities 

The most vital priority of gaming companies all across the world is to ensure that the net output is something fun and enjoyable for the audience. With a huge chunk of games available to users all across the globe, gamers have developed their own set of expectations. The gaming industry seeks to feed on these expectations to design and manufacture a sellable product.  

Game developers must know how to balance the existing features and content in the games along with keeping up with the latest trends. Fixing bugs in the game is yet another vital part of the gaming process that is prioritised by every gaming company. Working on the various issues that your users might face is extremely vital for gaming companies if they don’t want to lose their user base.  

Responding to your user feedback and reviews is also important for game developers. To develop the games and provide a better user experience, paying heed to the responses of your user base cannot be overlooked.   

5. Networking in the gaming industry 

Networking is yet another factor that you cannot do without in the industry. The gaming community is still small in comparison to other industries. Therefore, most of the roles in this industry are generally filled up through internal referrals. However, unlike any other industry, people working in this industry are usually more amiable towards outreach.  

Being an industry centered around the passion for games, connecting with new people and conversing with them is pretty easy here. The industry is known to host several events wherein you can get acquainted with tycoons in the gaming industry.  


With that being said, we are ending the list of 5 important things to know about working in the gaming industry. So, get ready to let your passion for games culminate in the fulfillment of your dream career in the gaming industry soon! 

Author Bio: 

Aniya More is one of the brightest content writer at Breakout escape room. She is a passionate writer who loves to read books and explore different escape rooms. With a great work ethic, she spends most of her time researching and reading. When she is not working, she likes to relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy watching her favorite tv show or walking her dog peanut. You can find her on LinkedIn.


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