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5 Reasons Why Your Cell Phone Keeps Dropping Calls


Is there anything more frustrating than your phone dropping a call? If you find that your cell phone keeps constantly dropping calls, it’s likely one of these five reasons.

Physical Barriers

Practically all of us have had a cell phone call drop or struggle to get a strong connection due to physical barriers. Whether you’re out exploring nature or downtown in a major metro area, many things can get in the way of your cell call, including:

  • Hills
  • Mountains
  • Trees
  • Buildings
  • Billboards

It can be frustrating for the user since there’s no real solution besides moving to higher ground or away from tall buildings.

Too Far from a Cell Tower

Here’s another problem many people run into when they’re on a hike or exploring nature: They’re too far from a cell tower for a capable network connection. The distance could be the culprit for your dropped calls if you live in a sparsely populated area with few cell towers.

There’s no other solution to this problem than simply moving your phone closer to the nearest cell tower or higher ground where your device has a better connection. Depending on the network, a cell tower has a strong connection within a 45-mile radius.

Congested Cell Tower

Sometimes, it may be that you’re near a perfectly good cell tower, but traffic is overwhelming the tower. This problem is less common today, but it’s still possible for the traffic in a tower to be unbearable and for connections to falter.

This problem is most common for lightly populated areas suddenly facing substantially more network users than usual due to a local event. If you’re struggling to make a network call, consider switching to a Wi-Fi network if it provides a better connection.

Faulty EMI Shielding

Although most people aren’t aware of it, EMI shielding is critical to all cell phones and smartphones. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) comes from the magnetic fields generated by electrical flow and circuits in our electronics—even smartphones.

Fortunately, our phones are equipped with EMI shielding to protect cell phones from disrupting one another and maintaining a strong connection. If you can’t figure out why your cell phone keeps dropping calls, faulty EMI shielding could be the reason.

Damaged SIM Card

Another reason your phone drops calls is a damaged or faulty SIM card, which is essential for a smartphone to work properly. If it has sustained any significant damage, the rest of the phone is practically useless.

Take out your SIM card and inspect it for any damage—sometimes, just removing and putting it back in can fix the problem!


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