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5 Reasons Why AI Is The Future Of IT Help Desk?


The advancement of AI in the field of technology has changed how the IT sector functions. The exponential growth of Artificial Intelligence is significantly transforming every facet of technological operations in various industries. AI and ML, along with their multiple subsets like natural language processing, data analytics, and computer vision, help automate the functionalities with minimal human intervention. Automation and digitization have augmented the performance capability of the IT help desk.

The help desk is an integral part of business operations. It helps to improve scalability and enhance the customer support service operation. IT help desks enhances the capacity of the organization to create a positive impact on the market. Improved quality of customer support holds a powerful influence on customer’s perceptions of a brand. A help desk with an adequate response template that aligns the support cases and tools to resolve tickets in smaller time intervals improves agent efficiency leading to improved customer satisfaction.

AI is increasingly being deployed to improve the quality of performance of help desks. AI-powered tools use predictive analytics for incident management, demand planning, and workflow improvement.

Automation of the repetitive tasks on the help desk allows the human agents to focus on the high-priority tickets. The market for global helpdesk automation is expected to reach USD 11 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 33 % during the forecast period 2017 -2023. While choosing the best artificial intelligence help desk software, you need to check if it incorporates the automation tool into the help desk service. Auto resolution skills provide instant employee support and a better employee experience.

The advent of AI in the IT help desk helps the agents organize, respond to, and gather results from the tickets at an improved rate. As AI’s capability is improving with each passing day, active utilization of these can improve the accuracy and dependability of help desks. Here are five reasons why AI is the future of its help desk.

Chatbots And Virtual Support Agents

The advent of AI has introduced chatbots and virtual assistants into technology to provide ready assistance to the customers. The introduction of chatbots in the IT help desk has increased its efficiency to assist the customers in real-time. The traditional IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology, which directs the customers to prerecorded messages without speaking to an agent, can often be frustrating to the customers. Also, it covers limited functional responses and may not apply to customers.

Chatbots driven by AI and ML technologies can look into the customer’s database to actively learn about their on-site behavior. It can gather the data from the behavioral pattern and generate responses relevant to the customers they are currently assisting. Personalized assistance provided by the chatbots can help the customers to solve their queries easily whenever it arises.

Moreover, chatbots are automated assistants that provide 24/7 service. Organizations can use this feature to troubleshoot concerns from the customers. Around-the-clock assistance provided by the chatbots brings down the number of tickets that the help desk agents are supposed to deal with daily.

Machine Learning is a branch of AI and is based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make active decisions with minimal human intervention. It can consistently learn from the input, website search, and from the database of the customers. It can enhance the power of the chatbot to provide relevant and personalized solutions to the customers.


An Artificial Intelligence based solution can help the service desk to streamline the tickets for prioritization. Organizing the customer tickets on the help desks according to a particular priority rank, based on various details such as requester, severity, incident id, submission date, contact details, status, and description, will help the service operations to meet the agreed SLA.

Building Insights

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to become an insightful tool in the help desk service. This will help the service desk to process the automated incident requests with minimal human intervention actively. From generating tickets to assigning tickets to the right support team, AI can extract insights from the tickets.

Request and Incident Prioritization and Routing

The deployment of AI on the help desks can help in the streamlined categorization, prioritization, and ticket routing effectively. Using AI tools like NLP and data analytics will help gather the ticket data to determine the ticket’s criticality and priority. The incident priority recommendations can help to route the ticket to the right employee.

Speeds Up Problem Resolution

Organizations can manage their budget for the help desk service by integrating the AI solution. Automation tools can aggregate the data, and after streamlining it, they can analyze it to assess the potential problem. Data pooling and the quick analysis capability of AI can improve the efficiency of the IT help desks.

To Conclude:

As AI technology’s capability is advancing, it can help the IT help desk system redefine its approach towards customer support service. In the coming years, AI will provide optimized solutions to the IT help desk sector to analyze individual tickets, ticket workflows, troubleshooting, and more. Hence, AI is the future of the IT help desk.


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