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3 POS Marketing Ideas to Improve Your Business


Successful retailers leverage POS marketing to attract customers

Successful retailers leverage POS marketing to attract customers to make an extra purchase close to the cash register. This is because they know not everyone who enters their establishment is planning on buying something. Things like banners, signs, and displays encourage customers to add on something small to their order.

People use POS marketing for many types of products, and it is best when the shopper is prone to impulse buys or simply in a hurry. POS marketing is also effective in provoking interest in a new product someone hasn’t tried yet.

1. Erect Displays

Display stands are among the most common ways that retailers like grocery stores employ POS marketing. By using either cardboard cutouts or specially designed displays from the manufacturer, retailers highlight new products being released from different brands alongside their original products.

Endcaps and display stands are a great way to encourage customers to buy complementary items based on a common or related theme, such as grouping all similar items in the store together.

Display stands are very suitable if you want to succeed in what’s known as suggestive selling, like positioning coffee and cream next to each other. We realize we’re out of coffee and we go to the store. Once there, we are reminded that we could use some more cream because it’s right there next to coffee, and we buy that too. Sugar is a third related product. Why not grab some sugar while you’re at it? And so on.

Another option could be putting an innovative or unique item to display your wares, such as an old-fashioned display carriage. This might inspire clients to grab a few extra items.

POS end caps and novel display stands in retail establishments help customers make quick choices about extra food products to buy as they approach the cash register.

2. Introduce a Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are great because they reward your customers for returning to your store. They sustain interest in your business, help you assess customer sentiment, and give you contacts for your marketing efforts. A decent loyalty program is great for analyzing who your most frequent and high-value customers are. What is more, a good loyalty program can boost your bottom line because they can increase customer engagement with your brand.

Studies show that the average household is loyal to more than ten rewards programs at a time, but they’re usually signed up for tens. That leads us to wonder how you can make sure your rewards program actually fosters loyalty. Aren’t your customers more tempted by the lowest price? Many businesses think that offering discounts and coupons will generate loyalty, but if you resort to them too often, you might teach your customers to buy only if you’re offering a discount.

The best loyalty programs promote your products and get people in your store or on your site, but also make customers feel appreciated because they are personalized.

The right will provide the best customer rewards programs to help you increase customer engagement. Your regular clients are the backbone of your business, which a lot of retailers who customize their marketing efforts toward winning new customers don’t know. Research has shown that repeat customers spend 66% more than first-time customers when they come back. Over their lifetime, they are worth 10 times as much as their first purchase on average.

A loyalty program is a great way to get more regular customers. It’s a good way to show appreciation and increase your revenue at the same time. Customers who take part in the loyalty program return in 50% of the time it takes clients who don’t participate to return. This means the former come in twice as often over the same period of time.

Train your staff to ask people to join the loyalty program and put signs near your point of sale that lauds its benefits.

3. Advertise Gift Cards

Gift cards are a really good POS marketing tool if you’re trying to attract new customers. Your customers enhance your business’ scope by buying gift cards for their friends. The value of gift cards is much more than this, however. Gift cards are a good way to upsell. For example, people will be more likely to buy a few more products if you offer them a free gift card when they meet a certain price threshold. You get a new customer if they give the gift card away.

Make sure to show your customized gift cards at your POS so customers can add them to their purchase easily.

When you succeed in offering value, you’ll be able to improve your business by getting email lists. Ways to add value include advice, presentations, or interviews with industry leaders. The resources should also provide information to include in slide presentations used by your business at various events. End the email with a call to action, such as “Please forward this email if you found it useful.”

Facebook ads are also a good way to grow email lists. This is the cheapest and most cost-effective way to succeed in email marketing without a doubt. Businesses can achieve huge sales increases by using targeted Facebook ads to get names and email addresses. Facebook has a rapidly increasing number of users, most of whom are between 30 and 50, which is the most lucrative group businesses target. Moreover, the number of users of the oldest social media is rising specifically in this age group, while younger users are dropping off.

Final Thoughts

Many Businesses  are always on the lookout for the best restaurant pos systems. They are used for capturing new leads no matter what the size of your business is. They work just as well for sole proprietors as they do for big corporations. You can capture dozens of new leads as often as daily and even on a limited budget. These leads are likely to buy what your company is selling. You can target them very specifically based on age, geographic location, purchase history online and on location, and more.


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