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15 Steps to Securing Your Ecommerce Site


Are you a business owner running an ecommerce site? You’re probably well aware of the risks that come along with it: Cybercriminals have brought companies the likes of Equifax and Target to their knees with data breaches and other cybersecurity attacks. Given the frequency of these attacks, cyberthreats have become more or less quite common, putting many business owners into a “if-not-when” mindset when it comes to security. 

What makes these data threats even more pressing for business owners is the fact that it also affects the confidence and trust of their customers. In short, if a website is not up to date, your customers are at risk, as well as your reputation and business. To ensure your business provides the safest experience, it’s important that you keep your webstore up to date. 

You may be thinking you don’t have the budget to hire cybersecurity professionals, and that’s ok. For many small business owners, just making sure you have your bases covered is a solid first step. For instance, if your site isn’t HTTPS secured, then you should look into the steps needed to do that. Another aspect to look into is to make sure you’ve created sound data policies to protect your customers. Things like creating a privacy policy that ensures they know their data is handled will protect you in the event that you do suffer a cyberattack.

In addition to this, you can also look into unnecessary customer data as soon as possible to avoid future liabilities. These customer-facing concerns are just one area you should look into. To learn more data best practices to ease the online shopping concerns of you customers, check out the Wikibuy infographic below. 

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Steps to Securing Your Ecommerce Site
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